AHYMSIN newsletter, issue - June 2011  

AHYMSIN Taiwan April Workshop

Yoga Nidra & Energy Yoga Workshops, April/May 2011

by Joanna Siauw and Tinyu Chen

In April 2011, AHYMSIN Taiwan was blessed with two senior teachers from the tradition, providing the local family members and new friends a wonderful chance to take a step into the yoga nidra as well as other wisdom of the lineage.

The Yoga Nidra workshop was held on 23rd to 24th of April, and was participated mostly by new friends who either have been practicing yoga for some times or were interested in yoga philosophy. Swami Ritavan guided over 90 participants into a deeper meditative state. Almost all of the participants expressed that they had never had such a magnificent experience in meditation, that they felt entering a peaceful and quiet space within themselves.

During the workshop, Swami Ritavan introduced the four states of Yoga Nidra and guided the participants in practicing Om Kriya, as well as A-U-Om focused meditation.

The next workshop was help on 30th of April to 1st of May. Guided by both Swami Ritavan and Ashutosh, the workshop was titled “Energy Yoga”, derived from the effect of the practice of asanas and meditation with the focus on breath awareness. This workshop also was participated in by nearly 90 people, with some who originally only signed up for Yoga Nidra workshop that decided to also return for more, and some who were recommended by friends who participated in Yoga Nidra and signed up at the last minute. Among the participants, there were near 20 monks and nuns from the local Buddhism community that were offered free attendance and reception – as part of the teaching from Swami Veda.

In addition to the breathing and medication practice guided by Swami Ritavan, Ashutosh not only guided the participants in practicing joint and glands exercise, but also led the participants to practice asanas with breath awareness. Both teachers also shared their insight that enlightened the participants. At the end, so many participants, deeply touched, showed their appreciation to teachers and organizers.

During their stay, Swami Ritavan and Ashutosh also visited Nantou County, the central city famous for producing the finest tea in Taiwan, and guided 40 participants on a one day workshop. Participants were introduced to the mantra guided sun salutation practice. Teachers were also invited by the YogiLini Yoga Center in Taichung City as visiting teachers, and led a short four hours session introducing our lineage and some practices. Some of the participants were regular visitors of the AHYMSIN Taiwan blog/website who have been inquiring on the chances of workshops in the Taichung area; they were very happy to have this opportunity, and would like us to held more workshops and even regular classes in the area. We will seek to make it possible in the near future for our family members and friends in central and southern Taiwan regions.

In addition to the workshops, there were also a number of smaller sessions for TTP students to meet with the teachers for their questions in practice. Four level 3 students also reviewed their learning by conducting a 45 minutes teaching practicum in front of their peers and the teachers.

Swami Ritavan also initiated 40 people into our tradition. These people also became the members of AHYMSIN Taiwan, who in the future will provide their different expertise to assist in teaching and organizing events in Taiwan.

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