Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Programme in Gurgaon

by Veena Maitra

Outreach Programme of Ahymsin Held in Gurgaon, India
 23rd to 25th May 2015

A yoga outreach session was held on the above mentioned dates in the basement of Suruchi Maitra, Swami Veda’s initiate. The initiative taken by Dr. Manju Talekar was supported by Swamiji and organised by the undersigned.

Shri Ram Prakash was deputed by Ahymsin for conducting yoga training. He held three sessions daily including the session for the children.

Consequent to this decision a large number of persons were contacted from various segments of society .We succeeded in getting a good response. The basement had adequate space for about 15 persons to learn comfortably. We were able to get thirteen in the first session; thereafter the attendance remained around 11 to 12.

We were fortunate to attract different groups of persons on different sessions.

In addition, we were able to hold yoga sessions thrice for children. Here also varied groups of society responded. In the first session we only had 10 children from the neighbouring village. The next day was a mixed session with village children and children belonging to urban sections. The third day, we had children of corporate families who were very eager to bring their children in the mainstream of yoga. These children are looking forward to the Ashram’s annual children’s retreat.

Shri Ram Prakash covered many variations of yoga exercises, particularly because three to five participants were coming regularly for both sessions in the morning and evening from Delhi in the sweltering heat wave conditions. They were covering a distance of over 30 kms each way twice daily. When we finished, they said that they wished that the course could be extended. Shri Ram Prakash met the challenge and had something different to offer each session.

His relaxation sessions were appreciated by each and every one.

The other participants were from three to four other colonies housing the upper classes of society. Mostly the group consisted of women. Only one or two men responded. The perception amongst women was mostly that yoga would help them shape up their bodies. Only one person was totally aware of deeper impacts of yoga and had been a meditator.

We also had a teacher from the village school. Enthusiastic women of all ages from the village, who probably had their first exposure to yoga and who relished the attention being given to them. They tentatively inquired about the cost and were told that this was a free gift to them from our Rishikesh Ashram. The expression of non-believing cheer on their faces will be remembered for a long time.

Overall this was a very satisfying experience. I thank the Guru Tradition for exposing me to this facet of working.

Veena Maitra



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