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Truly Historical Day in Pune

by Dr. Shirin Venkat

Celebrations for the International Yoga Day and the Anniversary of the Swami Rama Hym Center, Pune, India, 21 June 2015 at the Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanorie, Pune.

21st June 2015 was a truly historical day. It marked the very first International Yoga Day. Our programme was called Yoga Sangeet Maala, and this is truly inspirational for we later came to know that it was also a World Music Day! So in fact we celebrated three events: our center anniversary, the International Yoga Day and the World Music Day, and I believe it was also Father’s Day! Our Guru is our Father and we pay homage to Him and surrender our all at His lotus feet.

Ruby Hall Clinic is the Premier Medical Institute of the City of Pune. It has a branch at Wanorie where the program was held. Dr. Shirin Venkat is the Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician attached to Ruby Hall Clinic and also the coordinator of the Swami Rama Center. The administration, particularly the CEO Mr. Bomi Bhote, cordially encouraged the organization of this event which highlighted the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation as taught by our beloved Gurudev Swami Rama of the Himalayas.

We began at 6.30 am, exactly on schedule in spite of the venue being at least 15 kilometers away! Gentle rain greeted us as the session began with our Ashram Morning Prayers. This was followed by 40 minutes of Joints and Glands Exercises, 10 minutes for special back exercises. Following a 10 minute break, the Pranayama session was conducted beginning with Makarasana emphasizing diaphragmatic breathing. Beloved Swamiji’s voice took us through the Meditation aspect which touched one and all.

The Sangeet Maala began with Dr. Champakali, disciple of the great Bhajan singer Padmashree, Padmabhushan Girija Devi singing the famous composition by Adi Shankaracharya –Chidanand Rupam Shivoham Shivoham ( Consciousness Bliss Shiv- am I) and two more soulful bhajans. Pediatric Consultant Dr. Venkat who is a Vishrad (Bachelors degree) in Hindustani classical music; Ophthalmology Consultant Dr. Tanvi D. Venkat who is a talented singer; our dear residents Drs. Kiran and Rupali all sang beautiful Bhajans. Last but not the least came Mr. Kesarwani (husband of one of our patients who sang bhajans through her labour). Mr. Kesarwani is a music teacher and accompanied all singers on Tabla.

The most significant aspect of the Swami Rama HYM center in Pune is to encourage and train pregnant girls for the spiritual and physical wellbeing of their offspring thus helping usher in newborns already conditioned towards spiritual growth.

Fifty five participants attended and the feedback we received was truly heartwarming. We have two requests from the Nursing School and the Wanorie Hospital itself to continue the Yoga classes. Let us see how this can be done. We are grateful to our dear Hon. P M Narendra Modi for filling the world atmosphere with enthusiasm for Yoga.

A Sunday brunch followed and the gentle rain blessed us as we walked out a happy singing lot!
Shirin Venkat




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