Eulogy for Swami Veda Bharati

by Randall Krause

In an intuition, I sensed that I’d meet a man who would lead me to my true self. Then I met you, and I knew you were that man. The first time I saw you I loved you. Never before had I experienced feelings like that for anyone. Looking at how grounded you were, how much integrity you had, such vast wisdom you imparted, I didn’t want to leave. But how could I stay? So I made my way home, the whole way craving to return to your feet.

It seemed like forever before I was fortunate to come into your presence again. I traveled to India and met you again there, and deepened my love for you. You imparted your first guidance to me, and I felt the sting and simultaneous sweetness of it. When you came to California the next year, I asked for and received initiation and became your student.

Beloved teacher, it meant the world to me to learn from you, to listen to you, to serve you. I felt so lucky any time I was in your presence. The learning was constant, as was the fun.

So many years passed in this way. Years that were treasures.

Your always fragile body ever became more fragile. Yet somehow, miraculously, you continued teaching. Teaching and guiding were like the air you breathed, and those who came into your orbit were truly fortunate.

Oh beloved Swamiji, you’ve been in my thoughts and heart every day. You were in my dreams, in my inner-whisperings. Your guidance, teachings, love uplifted me and enabled me to reach beyond my imagined limits and to taste the sweetness of service.

During the last two years, it was painful to see how your body fell to new lows of weakness and ill-health, and at the same time, I was amazed at your ability to keep going in the service of Gurudeva. You were always inspired and inspiring. Your strength kindled within my heart a desire to serve.

Now you’ve sprouted wings of light and have flown from this material world. I mourn the loss of the person I knew as my friend, teacher, and guide. At the same time, I am grateful that I had the great fortune to have a teacher such as you.

Dear guide of light, it is my wish to follow your way, and serve your mission. I pray for strength to do so.

Pranaams and love, Mokshadava



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