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In Memory of Swami Veda Bharati

by Nandini

Swami Veda Bharati, whom I first met as Pt. Usharbudh Arya, was much loved and respected by all my family, in the early 1950’s at our Rectory in Great Witcombe, Gloucestershire, UK. My father was an Anglican clergyman who frequently invited many beautiful souls to come and stay and impart their wisdoms to all who came to the family home for various gatherings. Swamiji was one of them. My father certainly benefitted from Swamiji’s knowledge of Sanskrit and had studied it for some time.

He taught me to climb trees barefoot, and he ran around the gardens with me on his shoulders. I guess that he has carried on carrying me on his shoulders throughout my life. Bless him!

Through the years, he was a great support for me in providing me with loving, helpful and life-changing support, enabling me to do several 40-day silent retreats.

I am eternally grateful to him and his sweet brotherly love which he extended to me. Right now, I feel his gentle and supporting presence ever with me. What a gift!

God bless him as his beautiful and radiant soul progresses throughout all the worlds of God.

Love and Blessings




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