ahymsin newsletter, issue - 14, October - November ' 2009  

Kindness, Health, Education & Laughter (KHEL)
for Leprosy Families and the Poor

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KHEL has been providing food rations to leprosy patients at 3 leprosy colonies for 25 years…. We’re still in the process of putting together a junior high school… We also provided warm clothes and blankets to the leprosy patients… KHEL has built medical clinics… KHEL provides free and subsidized education to 220 impoverished students from kindergarten to 7th grade…. And more at:

“THANKS - As 2009 draws to a close we would like to remind our generous donors of the past years, who have helped in keeping alive, healthy and educated many children of Dehradun and environs that we thank them and hope for continued support. It takes only $10.00 per month to educate one child in our school.  We pay our teachers as little as about $80-$100 per month.  Our leprosy patients each receive about $12.00 per month in nutrition and medicines and survive by begging in the marketplace. In order for our school to continue we need to raise at least another $20,000.00 for 2010. KHEL has been serving the poor for 25 years and we hope to continue with the grace of the Inspirer of this project, and with blessed guidance from our Patron, Swami Veda.”

—Lalita Arya, Beni Bhatt, and Stomya Persaud