ahymsin newsletter, issue - 14, October - November ' 2009  
The Essence of Sacrifice

“The essence of sacrifice is giving selflessly. It is a complete expression of love in the true sense. Those who learn to be content with only their essential needs fulfilled are truly happy, and they use all their resources in the love and service of others. The little bit that is left over is used for the sustenance of their existence in the world so that they can continue giving. Such individuals live for others. But the selfish are not aware of the law of giving and are doomed. In the universe every action is a ritual, and the ritual is performed for the sake of sacrifice. The raindrop sacrifices itself to become part of the plant, and the sun gives up its energy to give light and life to all beings. The rain that nourished the plants, herbs, and all sorts of food for human beings is a free gift from providence. That free gift is called sacrifice. The governing center of the universe itself is full of sacrifice: its nature is to give. This very universe is its gift, and it goes on giving freely of itself to the universe.”

— Swami Rama, Perennial Psychology of the Bhagavad Gita

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