ahymsin newsletter, issue - 14, October - November ' 2009  

Orrisa New Dawn Project

“This is the story of my spiritual Brother, Bhagabandev, who set up a school for 50 boys in one of the poorest regions of India. ..

orissa childrens

As Bhagabandev and I were walking around the grounds of the school, we noticed a young girl watching us from the other side of the boundary fence. .. She held a baby in here arms and a look of longing in her eyes. We approached her and asked her what she wanted. She said:  ‘I want to join the school because the most important thing for me is to be able to learn.’ We explained to her that this was not possible, because it was a boys only school. She was silent for some time and a look of deep sadness came into her eyes. At last she said:  ‘So then I wish to die, and be reincarnated as a boy and come back and reapply to your school. Then I would be allowed to learn something.’ Her words went straight into my heart and in that moment I made a commitment to myself that I would do whatever I could to build a girl's school right there in Orissa… I realised that I could never do this simply by myself, but that I would have to gather donations from all around the world if I were ever to be able to fulfill that commitment.”

—Wolfgang Bischoff

Almost  35,000 Euros for the girls school have been generously donated, but more is needed. Both the boys and the girls schools are charitable projects.