Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Conference at Mangalore University

by Pandit Priyadarshan (Pierre Lefebvre)

Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama was invited to give a day of presentations and workshops at Mangalore University in South India on the occasion of their International Workshop and Conference on Yoga Therapy for Stress Disorders, organised by the university’s Department of Human Consciousness and Yogic Sciences.

We were first contacted by Dr. Krishnakumar, the head of the Botany Department at the University, who is also a HYT-TTP student.  When we received the invitation, Swamiji suggested that Dr. Prabhu could go, assisted by myself to conduct some practicums.

Our presentations were quite well received and many attending expressed the desire to visit Sadhaka Grama. The yoga MSc and PhD students were very interested in what we had to present and we got very good comments.  Dr. Prabhu gave a presentation highlighting the scientific aspect of yoga and its benefits, as well as the research conducted at SRSG with Swami Veda and other meditators. 

My part was an expansion on the basic teaching of meditation in the Himalayan Tradition, with Makarasana, Shavasana, diaphragmatic breathing relaxation, sitting posture, breath awareness and the mantra So Ham. 

Some said they were very pleased that our workshops were contrasting with the previous days, not being about physical exercise, but presenting yoga in its wider meaning, as a holistic science, including meditation and spirituality.  They said that ours was the first presentation from which they could take back practicums about breathing, breath awareness, relaxation and meditation with them, to apply for their different types of therapies on a very practical level. 

Dr. Prabhu also had beautiful one to one interactions with the PhD students conducting lab research for their theses.  He had very clear and pertinent questions for the students regarding their research protocol, questionnaire to be filled by subjects, test frequency, parameters to measure, practices to be followed by subjects, suggested directions to follow to arrive at their conclusions.

We were treated very well, experiencing the South Indian sense of hospitality and enjoying this beautiful coastal area.  We would like to extend our deep felt gratitude to Dr. Krishna Sharma, Head of the Department of Human Consciousness and Yogic Sciences, as well as to Dr. Krishnakumar, head of botany and our Guru Brother.



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