Children’s Yoga Camp Gurgaon, 2018

by Sucheta Sabharwal and Anjali Misra

It was an exciting journey to conceptualise and launch the first ever Children’s Yoga Camp in Gurgaon. The purpose of the camp was to introduce our children to the ancient art and science of Yoga in a fun filled way.  Through various exercises and activities, our endeavour was to facilitate the children in connecting with themselves while inculcating a sense of mindfulness in them.

We began the 5 day camp with 13 children by invoking the blessings of Swami Rama. After the Guru puja on the first day, the children started the camp playing ice breaker games and making new friends. As part of their regular classes over the next 5 days, they were introduced to basic postures and the practice of breath awareness. As we progressed into the camp, it was encouraging to see them practise and perfect different yoga postures especially their favourite animal poses. 

Children enjoyed learning and reciting simple mantras like Gayatri mantra every morning. They were also introduced to the concept of “Eating in Silence” at snack time every day. It was evident that this was a completely new experience for them and they slowly learned to enjoy the beauty of silence.

One of the key focus areas of the camp was developing mindfulness in children by making them aware of “here and now”. Linked to this theme, the children did various reflective activities which were aimed at bringing their mind’s attention to the present moment. Some of these were exercises like mindfulness 5-4-3-2-1, making self-portraits of how they see themselves and what they liked most. It was lovely to see each child's perception of themselves expressed through their very artistic self - portraits.

In the creative art workshop, they thoroughly enjoyed the Pebble Painting activity and created wonderful pieces of art drawing their inspiration from nature. During this activity they also learned about the virtue of patience and the importance of sharing limited resources (colours). They practiced mandala art and origami that helped them in improving their concentration.

The children also did a “Yoga through Story Telling” workshop, where the children were told a captivating story and were later made to do exercises linked to the characters and theme of the story. This approach was really helpful in engaging the children of this age group, while incorporating basics of Yoga like postures and breath awareness.

Throughout the camp, they played various interesting games that encouraged them to be more focused, balanced, and to work in harmony. They learnt the importance of proper breathing by way of different activities such as the balloon and newspaper games.

On the last day of the camp, a Spiritual parenting workshop was held where parents came forward with a few of their concerns. The discussion entailed the various tools that they could use in order to spend more quality time with their children and how important this time spent is. At the end, the children revisited their key take aways from the program and shared their feedback on the same.

As facilitators, we could clearly see a difference in each child from the first day that they started the camp to the last day when we finished. We are hopeful that the camp was successful in sowing the seeds of self- awareness in the lives of these children and that they will be able to benefit from them as they grow up.

Note - The Children’s Yoga Camp was held from 28 May to 1 June 2018 at Anjali Misra’s Yoga Studio in Gurgaon, India. The facilitators included Adhikari Bhoi, Divya Gupta, Anjali Misra, Satyavir Sharma, Supriya Sharma and Sucheta Sabharwal.



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