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Himalayan Yoga Workshops

by Atsuko Kiyoyoshi

Three workshops in a day have been conducted by Rabindra Sahu from Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) on 15th May at Mihara town hall, Tokorozawa Saitama, Japan. It was sponsored by AYUR SPACE HIBIKI where I teach classes.

The morning class was on “asana” and 21 people participated. The afternoon class was on “meditation” where we had 27 participants. In the morning class, they learned about Asana, how to work with the body, and the importance of breath awareness. In the afternoon, they learned proper sitting, proper breathing, and introduction to meditation.

These workshops were designed as an introductory for Himalayan Yoga Tradition. Many participants had taken hatha yoga classes of Himalayan Yoga Tradition before while others were new to it. Each workshop was for two hours which we learned in an experiential way. They were substantial classes and every participant enjoyed learning the teachings of the tradition.

We received some feedbacks from the participants:

“It was a mind-blowing experience for me to practice Asana with the awareness of body and breath. I feel that I will be able to practice Asana more naturally.”

“I have started practicing five-minute meditation from the night I took the class.  It made my sleep deeper and I felt more relaxed.”

“I felt like the class was only for half an hour though it was actually for two hours. It was such a joyful experience.”

“I will try to keep practicing breath awareness and meditation in my daily life because I realized how they made my mind calm.” 

The evening class was for the elderly. Including an eighty year old lady, 11 people joined the class, which was held at a community room in Tokorozawa. This group practices joints and glands, diaphragmatic breathing and deep relaxation every week to maintain their health.

Since it was their first time to learn from a foreign teacher, they were little shy in the beginning. However, Rabindra made them laugh with his good sense of humor so that all the participants felt relaxed. He shared some tips for a good sleep and improving their memories such as reverse counting of numbers at the time of sleep and the practice of Bhramari breathing. The participants treated Rabindra with Japanese sweets and tea after the class, which was the most heart-warming time during the day. One granny told him that this experience encouraged them to stay healthy and she appreciated Rabindra for coming to teach them a “good” yoga.

The opportunity which the participants were taught directly by Rabindra was very meaningful. Because of his scientific and theoretical explanations, now they know what the proper practice is, how it works and why it is worth practicing. He always encourages and motivates participants to keep practicing. Therefore, it was a great pleasure to have had Rabindra in my home ground and to have introduced Himalayan tradition to the local people.

I hope my own practice and experience will be deepened so that I can serve more. In this way, I believe we can help each other and expand ourselves.

Atsuko Kiyoyoshi
[Yumie Hasegawa, AyurSpace HIBIKI]



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