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International Day of Yoga 2018

by Carolyn Hume

“Blessings of Gratitude for the Inspiration of our Spiritual Guides, awakening us to the source of peace, happiness and freedom. Each day a reminder, each year a celebration of progress, each lifetime dedicated to LOVE - SERVE - REMEMBER. OM,”

Swami Ritavan Bharati commented to those who planned events for the International Day of Yoga 2018 in accordance with Swami Veda’s request that “All our initiators, teachers, centres should plan something each year.”

Poster for Internation Day of Yoga

Many centers did observe this day. There may be additional centers that I have inadvertently missed.

Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG), Rishikesh, India

Please see the articleInternational Day of Yoga at SRSG” by Tarinee Awasthi in this newsletter.

Burkina Faso

Idriss Raoua Ouedraogo reported that our organisation led the celebration of Yoga day in Burkina in the presence of the Minister of Sport, Dr. Tahirou Bangre; and the Indian Consul in Burkina, Mr. Deepak R. The Minister suggested to implement Yoga sessions in Burkina Institute of Sports Sciences where all teachers of sport are trained and to introduce Yoga sessions in Burkina schools activities. Based on the Minister’s instruction, the first Yoga class was scheduled to start on June 27th with his participation.


Swami Ritavan Bharati was at Café Ecole-Himalayan Yoga Meditation of Hellas in Athens, Greece, on 21 June, where the day was observed with a hatha yoga class led by Sofia Foteina, a meditation with Swami Ritavan, and a sangha gathering followed by a snack.  More about this visit and some photos can be seen in the article “Welcome home dear Swamiji Ritavan Bharati” by Sofia Foteina in this newsletter.

Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan

AHYMSIN Taiwan, AHYMSIN Hong Kong, and AHYMSIN Japan each offered times for meditation on 21 June similar in manner to the monthly Full Moon Meditations.


Please see the article “International Day of Yoga in Hungary” by Andrea Zsolnai in this newsletter.

India, Noida

Please see the article “International Yoga Day in Noida” by Prateek Panday in this newsletter

India, Pune

Dr. Shirin Venkat reported that on the occasion of the World Yoga Day and the anniversary of the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center of Pune, a workshop was organized at Cloudnine Hospital in Pune on 24th June. The program included morning prayers, introduction, joints & glands with a special emphasis on the back, pranayama, meditation, breakfast, digestive breathing and Q&A.


Himalayan Yoga Institute in Florence, Italy, offered a hatha class followed by a guided meditation on 21 June.


Himalayan Yoga Science Society Sabah (HYSSS) celebrated the International Day of Yoga, as promoted by the United Nations, at Dewan Maktab Sabah, Malaysia, on 24th June 2018. The programme included arrival of Guest of Honor Datuk Peter Khoo; welcome address by S. Vanugopal, President HYSSS; address by Datuk Peter Khoo; “International Day of Yoga Celebrations the World over” by Adviser Datuk Rajah Indran; Yoga demonstration by Adults and Children led by Datin Judy Rajah; “Yoga and its benefits” by Yoga practitioners; “Yoga and Diet” by Dr. Stephanie Wong; presentation of certificates; expressions of appreciation; and refreshments.


Francine Kuo (Sujata) reported that Himalayan Insky Yoga celebrated the 4th International Day of Yoga at Taichung June 17, 2018, outdoors with children and adult satsang, which included Joints and Glands, Embracing the Earth, Yoga Games with children, briefing for main topic in the coming 40 days sadhana, and ending with Mantra and Meditation. To watch a video of this event, please click here.

Trinidad & Tobago

Yoga Meditation Society of Trinidad & Tobago (YMSTT) led 108 Surya Namaskars on the boardwalk as well as participating in and instructing Joints & Glands movements, pranayama, and relaxation. To view photos taken during the 108 Surya Namaskars, click on title. According to Cherrylene Lewis of C NEWS, "The event saw over 80 people performing Sun Salutations…”

United States of America

The Meditation Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, had a full day on June 21 and was open all day for meditation starting at 6 am. Swami Radha Bharati was available throughout the day to give guidance and answer questions about spiritual practice. Beginning at 5:30 am, there were gentle repetitions of the sun salutation lead by Nikki Strong followed by Silent Meditation.  Daniel Hertz led gentle hatha yoga starting at noon. Then at Thursday Satsang, Shauna Tuttle led a hatha yoga class at 6 pm, followed by meditation with Swami Radha and a presentation on The Art of Joyful Living by Lynn Hasel.  The day’s events concluded with soup, meditation and prayers.



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