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International Day of Yoga in Hungary

by Andrea Zsolnai

Summary of International Day of Yoga 2018 event in Hungary

The yoga day event went very well on Saturday. Many regular practitioners and sadhakas attended the program along with new visitors.

We have made a few pictures during the day, please find them below.

Our center, the Himalayan Yoga Tradition Center in Hungary is located in Budapest in the downtown area. In this beautiful place we are able to lock out the city noise and the practitioners can rest and enjoy the silence.

On the International Day of Yoga 2018 we have organized a whole day program in the Center. During the course of the day the people who attended could participate on various programs of their choices.

The Morning began with a short introductory of our Tradition and a few excerpts of Swami Veda’s 2015 message.
Then together we sang the Guru Prayer and asked for the blessing of the Guru Lineage.
Subsequently, there was an Integrated Himalayan Yoga Practice Session with the main focus of which was Surya Namaskar.
This was followed by a Pranayama practice session that was centered around Nadi Shodhanam.

The first session in the afternoon was a presentation on yoga psychology, the title of which was “The Road from the Four Primitive Fountains to Negative Emotions", as taught by Swami Rama, Swami Veda and other masters.
Subsequently, we had a 61 points deep relaxation practice session.
The final program was an Integrated Himalayan Practice session based on Yoga Sutras including Meditation.

In the breaks we enjoyed varieties of herbal tea and had some cakes and biscuits.

I felt we had a really valuable time together :)



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