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International Yoga Day in Noida

by Prateek Panday

International Yoga Day Celebrations in Noida

On June 21, 2018, the International Yoga Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal at Himalayan Yoga & Meditation Center, Noida. People from all walks of life with deep interest in Himalayan tradition congregated at the center and practiced Yoga as taught by Himalayan masters.

The celebrations started with Bhajans sung by Mrs. Naina Mathur after lighting the lamps. Mrs. Jaya Bhagat, lovingly called Guru Maa, rendered several beautiful devotional songs in her trademark melodious voice that held everyone spellbound. She also played harmonium dexterously while singing.

After inaugural Keertan, Ms. Divya Chauhan displayed how to perform several Yoga postures and exercises. In the last phase, Mrs. Jaya Bhagat explained the connection of breath with body and mind. She also taught how to relax the body, calm the mind and lead it to complete inner silence with help of Yoga and meditation.

She also emphasized on the spiritual side of Yoga and said that one should not stop only at the physical aspect of this ancient science. “According to the Himalayan tradition”, she said, “Yoga is Samadhi. It has the power to lead every individual to inner realms.”

This special event concluded with customary prasad distribution. The Yoga Day celebrations at the center brought great joy and satisfaction to all the participants, and left them with the inspiration to pursue the path shown by Himalayan masters.



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