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by Meeta Jagtap

Meeta and family got initiated on 24th February 2012, and Meeta has written, “Since then our lives have transformed. I am not a writer, all these inspirations are from our guru and lineage. So when ever beautiful visions, thoughts and imaginations come, I do write. I have also enrolled myself for TTP 2015. I have a strong desire to take forward this knowledge given by our guru and lineage.”  These writings are dedicated to our Gurudeva.


The fragrant rose on the bush is enchanting and has various forms
The seed is sown for the rose, same seed gives the thorns,
Both varies in nature one is subtle and one is sharp,
Still when grown together thorns sharpness has never hurt the rose.
for some one thorns might be hindrance and for the same rose it might be its defender,
No one knows thorns are because of rose or the rose is because of the  thorns.
The night is dark the full moon is bright,
No one wants the darkness,  everyone wants to be in the moon light,
To be through the dark you need a light,
The beauty of moon is only because of the dark night.
Together when they come its almost the beautiful sight,
No one knows the night exist because of the moon or the moon exist for the night.
Clouds are spread across the sky, rain is getting ready to take a deep dive,
To get the feel of the rain, thunderstorms need to be crossed then only the path can be glossed,
Clouds have dispersed, sunshine has come,  still rain is ready to stay for some cause.
No one knows rain comes for the clouds or the clouds came for the rain

The Eternal Truth

In the darkest hour, I bowed down my head hiding my tears!
feeling left alone and in vain,
As my heart was in deep pain.

For many hours I could not lift my head, as I was in fear!
breathing deeply with sigh,
I wanted someone to come and hug me tight.

As I was surrounded and entangled in my own sphere!
A wave of bliss touched my heart,
Which took away the feeling of doom apart.

The haze in front of my eyes was now clear.
I stood tall by the window and looked outside,
A beautiful rainbow after the storm was standing alongside.

Gazing at me it looked like, as if someone has opened the arms wide and wanted to talk and share!
Why do you worry, if things are not in your favour,
Then God is your only savour.

I embraced myself with the smile and 
everything was clear!
I was ignorant who could not see the shining sun high in the sky and chirping  birds flying,
I looked down and saw a waving flower and tiny droplets of water on the grass spread across like the pearls were lying.

When God's presence is here, there and everywhere!
Then who am I? Why can't I set myself free and merge in his creation!
My eyes were again in the tears and my mind was calm,
Now I was strong enough, as my heart was filled with love and it wanted to develop with him an everlasting relation.

I joined my hands and raised my arms and said thank you for not going anywhere!
For being with me then, now, every time and everywhere!

The Little Wonders!

The moment I entered the house, my little one always welcomes me by saying papa (in a singing tone) wearing squeaky shoes, she came running to me. Gave me a big bear hug and with an impeccable smile she welcomed me. It was a perfect curve on her face. Though I had a little work in the office, then also I was tired. I just sat down and was observing my little one, a perfect bundle of energy. How can children be so perfect, loving and full of energy? I realised last night I scolded her badly for not listening to me. Thereafter her eyes were asking what have I done? With a sad face she went to sleep. Next morning, she started afresh and forgot everything about the previous day. That is a beauty of every child. They forget easily and forgive easily.  We as grownups take time to forget and forgive and constantly keep on thinking about that which is not required, that’s how we lose on our energy. We need to learn a lot from the children. I can recall she has taught me a lot. Each and every child is born with the unique qualities. If you have ever observed toddlers when they walk, they stumble a lot, they cry; however, they again get up and slowly and gradually they become perfect in walking. Through this they teach us; many times we will stumble in life but don’t hold and sit, even if we have to cry...cry out loudly! Get up and move on. These small wonders through their innocent conversations not only teach us to be patient, but also teach us to talk softly. Through their story telling they teach us to be creative, imaginative, and expressive and to never miss out a chance to spread colors in the life. They become smart or dull the way we treat them. I realised if I am busy, my daughter will do everything to attract my attention. If I scold her she gets dull. Sometimes I feel she is a little fairy, with an invisible magical wand which she sways whenever I am stuck; with a sparkle in her eyes, she is always having answers to my concerns. Though they have their own little world, but, yes, life in their world is infused by the parents. They live life to the fullest; they become what we tell them. They have the power to shape up the world. We carry excess baggage from our past to our future that's why we are stiff and sad. These small energetic wonders are always happy by enjoying the present moment and create wonders whether it is playing with dolls, building blocks, hide and seek, sports or group activities. They are our true reflections; they will see what we show them. We need to nurture them with love and care.

Magnificent Nature!

Every morning when dawn arrives,
The golden crescent of the rising sun touch many lives,
The blissful rays leaving the abode of the heaven come to meet the earth.
Is that the reason we all survive!

The day is all set with a big smile,
The beaming sun rises up in the sky to make the earth more fertile,
The dusky evening with a crimson robe arrives from miles.
Is that the reason we all survive!

Here comes the starry night with moon sitting on her laps,
The moon wanted to roam around and finally wanted to rest in between the mountain gaps,
The clouds came and encircled the moon to cover the moon under their wraps.
Is that the reason we all survive!

The bountiful and abundant nature has different phases,
We strive to live and try to understand its mysterious praises,
Humanity, kindness, peace and compassion are all human's basic appraises.
Yes these all are the reasons we all survive!



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