Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Life and Karma

by Swami Rama

[This passage has been taken from a transcription of a lecture given by Swami Rama on the 6th of November, 1969]

So very few people understand what reincarnation, rebirth and the law of karma is. People are bound to believe, but their faith is not based on right knowledge. Flashes come from the subconscious mind and we cannot decide whether we have to believe or not. Life in this planet is sufficient, or is it in continuity? Life here is short we all know.

Now for your convenience I give you a simile. It will help you to understand what life is and what are the vital questions in your life. And, all the questions, you see, stand before you again and again for correct and proper answers. Now we have to decide what life is. Life is compared with a plant. As plant grows, then gives leaves, then flowers, fruits and then dies. When plant dies, plant leaves behind seeds and again the seeds grow, and again the plant comes up. So is the case with our life plant.

This life, for your convenience you should imagine that this life is just like a manuscript. Manuscript has been written by you. You are the author of this manuscript of your life. It is not published, for all of the individuals have written their own manuscripts. So the manuscript of this life, the beginning and the end of this manuscript is missing. Only the middle portion of this manuscript is with us. We know that we exist in this world. We come, we do not know from where. We go, but we do not know where we go. In this planet we stay for some time, and then we disappear. And we are not sure from where we come. Let us analyse this truth. So the manuscript of life or the life manuscript, beginning and the end is missing. Anybody who is in search of the missing pages of life, beginning and end, is called philosopher, and this search is called philosophy. No better simile can be given. So in a way we all have to go through this process. We have to understand how this life manuscript can be understood properly. What are the beginning pages and what are the pages of the end? Without knowing this truth we cannot understand life.

[Swami draws two circles on the blackboard connected by a single line.]

Now let us analyse how it is. Life in this planet is just like a line on two circles, two holes. We come from unseen world, invisible world to this gross world, and again we go to next world, we do not know where. So this life line is hung on two invisible zeros or dots or circles. We have to analyse who we are.



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