• Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

    Guru Purnima and Mahasamadhi 2017

    by Sofia Foteina

    Strong unstoppable rains. If not deep cleansing then what?

    Sewage treatment project created to protect Mother Ganga.

    New people, new lovers of the truth.

    Old friends, part of our family today.

    New babies on their way.

    The whole ashram floating in the blessings of our beloved Masters, of a yogi and his disciple, as Swami Veda humbly insisted to present his gurudev and himself.

    Videos with Swami Veda’s lectures before he took his vow of silence. “If you have something to offer, people will come near you to get what you have to give”, still sounds in my ears. Swami Rama’s voice chanting OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. How could it be that I still heard this om while meditating, while walking, while getting ready to sleep? When did it engrave in me? I only felt this “engraving process” after chanting for two hours “akhanda mandala karam”. But when was om engraved with the deep voice of Swami Rama coming from another dimension, from the deepest of my depth?

    Beautiful evenings where the people who were present were asked to remember and share how each one of us met with Swami Veda or something important for us that he said or did. These evenings triggered more and more events of our life that made us grow, bloom like flowers. People continued remembering even after these meetings. Something that impressed me: the day Swamiji left his body, the monkeys that used to visit us every day looking for food, had a peculiar behavior. They scrunched the window screens of his room “upstairs”, they cut all the flowers of the garden and threw them on the ground. And when Surendra thought: “Since the flowers are cut, why not put them in a basket and offer them to Swami Veda.” And so he did. At that moment the monkeys sat in a line, as if paying their respect to someone whose dimension they could estimate.

    This incident reminded me of some few years ago, as I was giving the baby cows the peels of the fruit I ate during the day, Swamiji came with Pandit Priyadarshan (Pierre Lefebvre), Medha and Dr. Upreti, who showed Him what was renewed or constructed in the ashram. When they saw Him, the adult cows started jumping high up. It is incredible to see these heavy bodies to jump so high. Medha said:  “Happy, happy.”

    This characteristic of Swamiji “being with all”, being all, being with people, with animals, with nature at the same time, reminded me of another incident.

    The day he left, I was in Athens, and as I read Carolyn’s announcement in Facebook- it was so simply said just like any other announcement of the news of the workshops or seminars of Ahymsin going on in the globe- I understood what it said few seconds later. Went back, reread it and said loudly: “WHAT?” Stopped everything I was doing, and sat on a rocking chair. I started moving back and forth thinking: “My God, how are we going to continue what we started?” Suddenly a book fell from a bookshelf, a book that was there for years. I went to put it back and saw the title: “Guru”. I sat again, and in a while the book was on the floor again. No coincidence, I thought.  But my worries were so strong that I started thinking again: how do we continue now? Suddenly, a very loud sound coming from the ground floor, took me out my thoughts. “They must be thieves; it would not be the first time, they also climbed a few days ago on the second floor and took a bicycle from the balcony of a neighbor. To come in from the ground floor would be a piece of cake for them. I went down, my knees trembling. All the books of Swamiji’s Night Birds translated in Greek were on the floor. I said ok, ok, you are here. You are everywhere. You left your body, but not your disciples.

    But still I can tell you, I keep forgetting it, although he chose a way he knew I would “hear” him. Because he chose to communicate with the same way I communicated with my Late Greek master. He knew that, as well as so many other thoughts I had.

    We also were fortunate to see again the video of the Sangha of 2013 when Swamiji was to take his vow of silence. Another phrase keeps echoing in me: “We must be trained, to be able to accept the Force when that will come. ...Then it happens naturally. ..Then, when the forces flow we do not resist them… The forces respond to our commitment”.

    It was an experience that felt as if each one of us, a piece of a huge puzzle of life, found exactly where our place is in the universe.

    What a relief to know where you belong, without a sense of attachment whatsoever.

    What a gift to know what the real purpose of life is.


    Editor’s Note:

    AUM: A Meditation in Sound by Swami Rama is available for purchase as a download at CD Baby and iTunes or as a CD from the online bookstore at The Meditation Center, Amazon.

    Swami Veda’s writing Night Birds is available for purchase as book from the online bookstore of The Meditation Center and also from Himalayan Yoga Publications Trust.  It is also available in a Kindle edition from Amazon.
    In 2018:

    • 8th July - 16th July, Mahasamadhi Anniversary Retreat at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, Rishikesh, India. The 14th of July will be the 3rd anniversary of Swami Veda Bharati's Mahasamadhi. 
    • 17th - 27th July, Guru Purnima Retreat at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, Rishikesh.
    • 27th July, Guru Purnima and Full Moon Meditation



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