ahymsin newsletter, issue - 17, February - march 2010  
    Marriage of Atul and Klara at SRSG
16 February 2010


Two of our dear ashramites, Klara and Atul, were married on February 16th at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama. Here are some photos from their wedding album.

Please turn on the speaker for sound. The slideshow will take a little time to open.


Following are some explanations of the featured part of the marriage ceremony from the slide show

15th Feb, The Day Before the Ceremony

Haldi Haath:haldihat
Haldi is the Hindi name for turmeric, a spice of purifying qualities, and Haath is hand. This ceremony is a bath in which the body is being purified with a mixture of haldi, oil and yogurt. The women from the family and friends perform this ceremony the day before the wedding for both groom and bride. Devotional songs called kirtans are sung. When the Haldi Haath is complete, the bride and groom then personify the deities of Narayana and Lakshmi. The bath gives a golden glow to the face of the bride and groom.

In the evening, both the groom and bride have mehendi (henna) party in which the feet and hands are decorated in beautiful designs. The families and friends dance and play music.

16th Feb, The Wedding Day

Barat Prasthan:
The groom, his family and his friends, leave the house of the groom and form a procession to the house of the bride. People celebrate, singing and dancing to the rhythm of the drums.  

Barat Swagat:barat
At the entrance of the bride’s house, family and friends of the bride welcome the groom and his family and friends by throwing flower petals. The groom is adorned with a flower garland. He is given something sweet to drink and water to wash his hands and mouth. Everyone then waits for the bride.

When the time is right, the bride arrives, unveiled, and takes her place at the right side of her groom. The priest welcomes everyone and explains the meaning of the marriage ceremony. The priest will perform a short purification ritual in which the bride and groom drink water from the holy Ganga, remembering and praying to God.

Jai Mala:jaimala
Atul and Klara exchange flower garlands and with this they let everybody know they have chosen each other to be their life partners. After this exchange, the priest performs the marriage ceremony.

Klara’s parents were home in Holland, watching the ceremony via skype. Klara’s brother, Fons, represented the family. After stating that Atul is a suitable and spiritual man, he places Klara’s right hand into Atul’s right hand, thus giving her in marriage to Atul.