ahymsin newsletter, issue - 17, February - march 2010  


Worldwide Events
27th - 30th June 2010 European Retreat with Swami Veda, Swami Ritavan, Swami Nityamuktananda
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8th August 2010 Peace on Earth Meditation, Minneapolis with Swami Veda
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2nd - 8th October 2010 A Breath of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition at Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico with Swami Veda Bharati
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15th - 17th October 2010 The Sacred Thread of Yoga, San Francisco, Swami Veda is a presenter.
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21st - 23rd January 2011 AHYMSIN Asia Retreat is scheduled for Japan
At the SRSG/India Ashram:
March 6 - 20, 2010 TTP Levels 1, 2 & 3
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March 21 - 25, 2010 Himalayan Insight-Seeing Tour to "Dev Bhumi," Land of the Gods:
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24th February - 14th March, 2011 Intensive Practices Retreat

24th Feb. to 2nd - March Intensive Practices
2nd March Shivaratri
3rd – 6th March Yoga Nidra Conference with Swami Veda and others

Yoga-nidra (Yoga Sleep) is to be defined as the experience of a state of Conscious Sleep in which the subject is showing all the symptoms of deep non-REM sleep, producing delta (1-4 hertz) brain waves, and is at the same time fully conscious of the events in his surroundings. (Swami Veda)   

Swami Rama wrote: “Yoga nidra has immense benefits and can be used for learning the subtleties of life. Only by yoga nidra can one study how the mind slips to dreaming and then goes to deep sleep, how the conscious mind withdraws itself and goes to the lap of the unconscious. The yogis recall all their samskaras, watch them, examine, and even select and reject them according to their need. Those thought patterns that are disturbing are rejected, and those that are helpful are strengthened. With the help and practice of yoga nidra, one can go beyond all the levels of the unconscious.”

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7th - 14th March Assimilating the Experience
7th – 20th March, 2011 TTP
December 22-31, 2011  Yoga-Youth and Children’s Retreat
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February 2012 Yoga and Meditational Cultures Conference
Where is Swami Veda?
6th - 10th April Sufi - Yogi Dialogue in Lahore, Pakistan
1st - 6th June Singapore
27th - 30th June AHYMSIN European Retreat, Florence, Italy.
Contact : Christina Nobile
2nd - 8th July Budapest, Hungary.
Contact : Papp József
12th - 18th July Toronto, Canada.
Contact : Chander Khanna
24 July – 17 August 17th August, Meditation Center, Minneapolis
26th July, Guru Purnima
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18th - 23rd August Chicago
1st – 8th Oct Rancho la Puerta, Mexico.
Contact: Dr. Mehrad Nazari,
10th Oct Washington gathering on Washington Mall organized by Power Of One 101010 (not yet finalized). 
15th - 17th Oct The Sacred Thread of Yoga, San Francisco
30th Oct onwards in Residence at Sadhaka Grama Ashram