ahymsin newsletter, issue - 17, February - march 2010  

Yoga-Yatra: The Inner Pilgrimage

sarvayoga1On the 22nd and 23rd of February, Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama hosted a group of 60 Italians, led by Antonietta Rozzi, Chairman of Sarva Yoga International,

The Sarva Yoga conference and spiritual retreat was entitled, “Yoga-Yatra: The Inner Pilgrimage on Footsteps of the Great Masters.” While in Rishikesh area, the participants spent time at three ashrams: the Divine Life Society, Parmath Niketan and SRSG, in addition to visiting the Khumba Mela in nearby Haridwar. 

Swami Veda addressed the group on two occasions. His “non-lectures” were on the topic of “Yoga Meditation of the Rishis.” Swamiji spoke from his heart,

 “You came all the way from Italy expecting a lecture, so I don’t want to disappoint. . . [at this point Swamiji closes his eyes in meditation for a moment, then continues]. . .That [silence] is the lecture. The rest is noise. I would much rather have you come to the Ashram and for your entire stay be absolutely silent. Not just practicing silence of the mouth. . .(rather) silence of the mind.

sarvayoga2The knowledge of meditation came in the silence of the minds of the rishis. I want to tell you one thing from the depth of my heart, I never give lectures. Don’t attend these sessions as lectures. Someone who tells his friend about his love. . .is he giving a lecture? Then why do you think Swamiji is giving a lecture?”

The retreat which began in Delhi visiting sites associated with Gandhi, then moved to the yoga ashrams of Rishikesh, ended with a tour of Rajashtan. Everyone  at SRSG wishes the Italian yatras continued success on their spiritual journey.