Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

HYT-TTP March 2015

by Maryon Maass

What can I say about this TTP? It was so very special.  Fourteen students joined us at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) this time for the teaching training retreat 8th – 21st March, some reviewing the course; 6 additional graduated from the 200 Hour Program who plan to continue to move through all the level towards the 600 Hour Program.  It was a time of appreciation, reflection and gratitude towards the mission of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition.

The students are:

  1. Ahimsa Ishaya, USA
  2. Amrita McKinney, USA
  3. Niranjin Krishna Govinda, India
  4. Brenda Vander Meiden, Canada
  5. Rahul Kataria, India
  6. Juhi Tripathy, India
  7. Dhanesh Shetty, India/UK
  8. Sigitas Stasytis, Lithuania
  9. Ulrich Rausch, MD, Germany
  10. Yuko Metsugi ,Japan
  11. Linda Loo, Singapore
  12. Claire Thevenau, Mauritius
  13. Justyna Mazur, Poland
  14. Nalini Behari, Netherlandsn

Announcing the 6 individuals who are certified in the HYT-TTP 200 Hour; they are to be congratulated.

  1. Geeta Bhoi, India
  2. Ram Prakash Das, India
  3. Maria Miguel Ribeiro, Portugal
  4. Nalini Behari, Netherlands
  5. Sofia Foteina, Greece
  6. Mariella Silva, USA

Mariella, who also serves on the AHYMSIN Executive Committee, was unable to be at SRSG for the retreat, but graduated with the HYT-TTP 200 Hour certification.

These individuals truly put their hearts and souls into the program and additionally serve Swami Veda on a regular basis at the ashram and from their home country.

All these students had wonderful and interesting ways in which they found the tradition, and now feeling the effects of the practices that were shared by our staff of amazing hard working teachers (that’s an understatement). I would like to acknowledge Peter Fabian, who shares his dynamic teachings of the use of the body and who comes from California 2 times a year to teach for us. Sonia Van Nispen comes from the Netherlands to share her vast knowledge and experience. Dr. Stephen Parker (Stoma) gives us all he has, and more, in a deeply loving and joyful way. Also our own rocket scientist, Dr. Prabhu from the Meditation Research Institute Lab here at SRSG, shares interesting findings from collecting data of Swami Veda’s meditation results, and Dr. Manju Talekar, who recently returned to SRSG as a resident to serve ,will wear her many hats! Thank you Manju ji. Chandramani and his knowledge and his “sweet humor” gave us a “feel” for the way the mind works. Adhikari Bhoi has shared his enthusiasm of the tradition with a warm smile that is infectious. Happy to have had Swami Ma Radha come to give her quiet blessings.

Additionally, each day our staff of hatha teachers who guided our students each morning and tirelessly serve the guests of SRSG all day with grace are appreciated. They are, Adhikari, Geeta, Ram Prakash, Maria, Alan Richards, Pravin Soni, and Sandeep Pandey. The gurukulam students both participate in class and serve for they are immersed fully to the flow of the ashram. Amrita, Ahimsa, Rahul, and Brenda; thank you.

Let us not forget those behind the scenes, without whom we cannot have sound and power points, Jay Prakash Bahuguna, our tech guy, who recently became a father again. This time of a healthy baby boy, making that his second child. Congratulations!

Swami ji blessed us by coming to this ceremony and gave a memorable talk to the students to remind us all that the “certificate” does not necessarily make us a good teacher. We must be humble, attract quietness and peacefulness by cultivating that in ourselves, and avoid the “circus” style of yoga classes taught all around us. Swamiji told us that he never knew the word yoga to mean asanas, until he came to the west.

He gave us the correct definition of yoga as “samadhi”. He had much to say about this topic, giving us much to contemplate as we reenter that world of competition. (Recording and transcripts available).

To my surprise, I was gifted a lovely shawl from Swami ji; it is woven with his warmth and love, as a gift for my final TTP. He told everyone it was for the haircuts that I give him!  I love his sense of humor! It always has so much meaning!!!

As we know nothing is final in our tradition, we just keep serving. I will return the way a college kid goes off to learn and return to family at holidays. AND I will continue to assist in the office and mentor the students as well help the current and new mentors.

Introducing to you now for the first time is my replacement for the TTP retreats; he is a charming young man from New Delhi, India, named Rabindra Sahu. He is most capable, experienced, and devoted to Swami ji and the tradition.  He will coordinate the future retreats with my help via Internet for a while.  (GOD, please help us with the Internet.) Rabindra is no stranger to yoga; his father raised him with practices and he teaches nationally and internationally. He comes to our Yoga Youth and Children’s Retreats and volunteers his time to teach and guide with joy.

Please welcome Rabindra to the TTP, and assist him in any way that you can. Thank you for a great run on the TTP. It has been an honor to serve you and guide you since 2007 here at the ashram. I will continue to be on [email protected] for some time to come, and will see now what the guru has in store for me next; some interesting things are in the air. California, USA, is my destination; teaching is on my plan of the many things I love to do.  Serving will always be on my plate. Being with my spiritual family is just an email or a “thought bite” away. Many returns to SRSG are intended. Till next time, thank you and Namaste’

Editor’s Note:

For more information about the Himalayan Yoga Tradition – Teacher Training Program (HYT-TTP), please visit their website: http://hyt-ttp.com

The next teacher training retreat at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama in Rishikesh, India, is scheduled for 8th – 21st November 2015; please see http://hyt-ttp.com/india.html

Immediately preceding the teacher training retreat, there will be a Breath & Prana Intensive Seminar 1st - 7th November 2015 at SRSG with Marilou Hermens, Senior Teachers and SRSG Teaching Staff; please see http://ahymsin.org/main/srsg-ashram/breath-prana-intensive-seminar-1st-7th-november-2015.html

The 2015 Yoga Youth and Children’s Retreat will be held 22nd – 31st December 2015 at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG); please see http://ahymsin.org/main/srsg-ashram/2015-yoga-youth-and-children-s-retreat-22nd-31st-december.html


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