Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Dear Swamiji

by Gabrielle Allen

Dear Swamiji,

Long have I waited to express my deepest gratitude to you for you awakened me to silence and its many secret gifts.
In silence I have learned so much about the psyche.
In silence I find refuge from the turmoil of the human world
and my heart fills with unconditional love for everyone and all that is.
Silence is my closest friend, always there when I choose to be aware of its presence.

I am so blessed to have you as my teacher.

I thank you for your tireless dedication to teach and guide us in
finding the path from darkness to light while knowing the light in the darkness.

Thank you for your consistent message that all religions are pathways to the same truth,
the same GOD with many names, confirming that which I have known in my heart ever since I was young, growing up in a christian religion, undermined with disagreements and intellectual battles among the various christian churches over values and beliefs. Wisdom teachings had no stronghold there.

I thank you for creating opportunities for the spiritual family to come together.
I am grateful for the times my children sat with you wrapped in your beautiful shawl of loving stillness.
I am grateful for the times that my husband Jumbé and I have been blessed with being in the presence of your quiet mind. 
I am grateful that you anchored silence in our minds for all the sattvic impressions gathered are now space holders in the mind in times when we stumble on the path over the rocks of our attachments and lose track of the truth when we dance with our mental turbulences.

I thank you for teaching and sharing your knowledge and insights in so many lectures and books.
When I forget or find myself indulging in the overactive mind I open The Light of Ten Thousand Suns to a divinely selected page and always find the answer to a question, a much needed reminder or simply solace for my soul.

I wish that you can release worries you may still have over AHYMSA, the ashram and your students' concerns, and finding peace in knowing that you trained the best of teachers, capable and devoted to guide many on the path to self realization.

May all your wishes be fulfilled.

With love and gratitude,




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