Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi


by Meeta Jagtap

Meeta has written, “I am not a writer, all these inspirations are from our guru and lineage. So when ever beautiful visions, thoughts and imaginations come, I do write.” These writings are dedicated to our Gurudeva.

Ray Of Light!

On the eve of silent night, 
Spread across the boundless sky, darkness said to a small light, look! 
How powerful and deep I am,
How about you, how long will you breathe with this tiny and flickering light,

Light said-
No matter how tiny I may be, 
Will always be shiny, white and bright,
Though you are strong, my point of light will always make you weak,
Bound to be with mystique, don't go by my physique,
The smaller I am, greater the curiosity,
The more one seeks,  will be guided on the path and will give away my generosity!

Darkness said-
One has to hold my hand, to reach across the land,
My path is dark and full of pebbles and hurdles, 
The more the hurdles, the greater the circles,
land is big, but infertile, one might be stuck with endless trials, 
Journey might end now and here, who will be in so much pain, 
For just one point as, there is nothing to gain!

Light said-
One who has hope and faith will surely cross the lane,
initially one might refrain, but for sure will be out of vain,
The smaller the point ,the brighter the ray to be awake, 
The stronger the quest, the greater, one will be blessed with the zest,
One who will be with light ,will never be in the plight and always be a charmer like a knight in shining Armor!

The Lotus!

In the midst of a murky lake, I saw a suave and svelte lotus; its deep pink colour and open petals looked like the divine has created it with perfection and finesse which kept on mesmerising me. Surrounded and spread across by green suave leaves, it was reflecting an immense peace, stillness, purity and depicting strong authoritativeness, as if having complete hold on itself.

I wondered how such a beautiful flower can be grown in a gloomy and a dull lake. The place where I was standing, I could have a full view of the lake. It was clearly showing the twofold world where it was resting.

If I looked around the flower it was surrounded with dirty, muddy water and dullness. If I look at a flower, it was giving an impression of strong persona which is able to carry itself in such an adverse conditions, that too unaffected by its surroundings.

At sunset lotus closes and goes beneath the water and when the first ray of sun comes, it comes up and blooms. What a preternatural ability!

I felt like it is a clear message from a lotus flower to us. It has a choice, and we too have a choice. We also live in a twofold world where we can see love, kindness, purity, beauty and peace. At the same time in our own world, we are always surrounded with challenges, logics, judgments,  hate, anger, anxiety and depression.  The lotus has a clear message that we can very well stay connected with both the worlds, that it depends on us how we get affected with our surroundings.

Lotus is sign of an indomitable will and strength too. If we want we can inculcate the will and promise of our own self that no matter whatever happens we will be unaffected by our surroundings.

Every human has a lotus-like persona which is comprised of love and which has no boundaries to peace, happiness, kindness.

Whenever there is crisis remember the lotus and be yourself; embrace your own lotus-like persona and be unaffected and untouched by those crises. Even if we get affected, like a lotus flower every night go into a deep silence beneath your thoughts; spend some time with yourself and begin a new day. With a rising sun start a new life and bloom like a lotus, in the same world. A new day and an another chance to live life beautifully with courage and accepting your own life.

Mission People!

Mission People was one of the best management companies in the world. Recently an award ceremony was kept to honour the CEO of this company. Trainees, job seekers and other management professionals wanted to be the part of this growing organisation. Their selection criteria was little different as compared to the other organisations, right from screening of the candidates to the final interview. Everyone in the business world wanted to know the inner secrets of this company, how they managed people so well, and what was the feedback of their employees. In the recent survey conducted by the HR department, this company broke all the records and it was again given the best award!

People from media and the business world were really keen to interview the CEO of the company and they got a chance. The CEO of the company was a gem of a person, a big shot but still really down to earth. He got ready for an interview. On a given date and time he reached the media office, ten minutes before the given time. The person who was supposed to take an interview, he was little late. So the CEO was very patiently waiting. The interviewer came and he apologised with the CEO. Very nicely with a smile the CEO said “No problems that is OK.” The interviewer took him to the recording room and they began the interview.

Interviewer – “Let’s start with an interview Mr. Allen Davis.”

Mr. Davis – (Smilingly) “Let’s not call this an interview, let’s call it a chit chat session.”

Interview looks very formal.

Interviewer – (With a warm smile) “Ok, Mr. Davis, tell me something about early years of your life and how your interest developed into the business?”

Mr. Davis – “As a child, I was an average person, born and brought up in simple family values. Though business acumen was present, however, before I could grow as a businessman, my parents always wanted me and my brother to be good humans, where respect, honesty, communication were considered to be important aspects of life. My father always used to tell me, be altruistic. So my upbringing has been on these core values. Before we speak or took any actions we were always taught - think before you speak and how your words might impact others.

“I got good grades in my high school and then I studied marketing. Even though my father was a businessman, he never imposed any restrictions on me and my brother to follow his footsteps. He gave us full liberty to choose what we wanted to be in our lives. Since I got very good grades in the college, I could have opted to join some good company, but since early childhood days, my father was my idol. So I always wanted to follow his footsteps. In fact, in some business deals, he used to take me along with him, where I used to observe him. How he dealt with people with his ever smiling face and patience. Those were his trademarks.”

Interviewer – “Tell us about your company ‘Mission People.’ How it works? I mean the buzz is that the employees are so happy, that there is very less attrition rate.”

Mr. Davis – “As I told you, since the beginning there was a very comfortable, open and loving environment in my family. So all these values were instilled in me since my childhood. Mission People was my father’s dream. So when he handed over the business to me, he told me ‘I am not handing my business to you, I am handing over my extended family to you  – it’s a living entity. The way you take care of your own family, you have to take care of the company and the people working in it.’ He always kept on telling me that our company should be a second home for people working in it.

“However, he kept the name Mission People, as he strongly believed that an organisation’s growth accelerates when people working in it are happy and only then could they focus on their work. That’s how work efficiency could be increased. We don’t manage people. We manage ourselves and automatically things follow.

“I believe what you want from your employees you need to deliver that first. In case you want time, you need to spend quality time with your employees. Not only understanding there professional concerns their personal concerns also matter. The peace of mind from which an employee works can affect his/her efficiency. We not only keep family days; on those occasions we reward our employees. We spend sometimes with their family members. Where we come to know what kind of environment they are living in.

“For example, children of an employee are asked to participate in a game, where they are asked to write positive traits about an employee, who works with us, as well as what other  traits they would like to see in their father/mother working with us. Then we work on those feedbacks, and we come to know on what aspects we had to work with our employees. You see, family is a part of an employee; they are interconnected.

Another thing we strictly follow in an organisation, we use very effective as well as respective communication methods where we are not supposed to raise our voice, whether talking to colleagues or office boys. Each and every employee has to follow this, and in every department, feedback boxes are kept there, so any one has a right to share their views.

“Not only this. We follow a system where no harsh and rude words are to be used in the written communication too. So special trainings are conducted where employees are trained about how to say no in a positive manner, where a person on the other hand, should not feel bad. By reading only h/she understands, yes, there is some concern and he/she has to work on it.

“Other than cafeterias, gym and gardens, we have a concept of silence zones. Whenever an employee feels like it, he can go there, sit, relax and breathe. Relaxed minds lead to the relaxed personalities. This in turn leads to productive efficiency and healthy relationship among employees.

“I personally believe food also plays a great role in everyone’s health. So before having meals, we start with a two minutes prayer every day. While serving food even the staff serving the food, they have been trained how to serve, while keeping smile on their faces, at the same time maintaining calmness. No impertinent expressions should be there while serving. There is always a thought related to food written on the notice board. For example - eat slowly and patiently keeping your work aside.

“We also conduct trainings for our employees, where the focus is how to hone their characters, how each one can be a future leader. Emphasis in this training is especially on how to monitor ourselves, surveying our own self, how we react to a particular situations, how to avoid chaos. It is in-depth study of your own true personality.”

Interviewer – “In an organisation, there cannot always be a golden scenario. How do you handle fussy employees? Like one who comes late, one who doesn’t perform, and there are one who keeps on saying bad words about others.”

Mr. Davis – “Not only for the late comers and for all the employees, we keep on conducting trainings on time management. How effective time management can lead into productivity and increase overall efficiency of not theirs, but of the entire organizations. We don’t give them warnings; we conduct counseling sessions, with guidance on how time matters and how it affects their lives too. I always believe there are enough that point out the problems, very few come ahead and provide solutions.

“Sometimes for fun, the person who is not punctual, we keep a session and he/she gives a valid reason, in front of everyone. Why consecutively he comes late? So in return he becomes punctual.

“For one who doesn’t perform, after providing a one to one session, we do internal transfers, and if still there are no changes, we might transfer him/her to some other city.

“We keep regular sessions, about organizational values. How we as a team are affected, even if one person does not perform properly.”

Interviewer – “Do you apply all these values in your day to day life?”

Mr. Davis – “Yes, I strongly believe what I will give to others that would definitely come back to me. So I do practice all these principles in my personal life too. In stressed out times, I prefer being in silence, as many answers come to me when I am in a deep silence. I prefer not reacting to the situations. This helps me to keep cool and my environment too. To seek silence you need to be in silence.

“Humility is one aspect, which I practice not only in my home, but even with my drivers, office boys and other staff members. The tone of your voice matters a lot; raised voice raises temperatures and creates discomforts everywhere, and soft and deep voice could do wonders! Even person is not willing to do. H/She can’t say no.

“Gone are the days when leaders use to lead and wanted to prove their worth by standing alone. If you want to win, be with the people. Success will definitely follow.

“Reading motivational books is one aspect. More than your words, it is motivation which should be reflected in your actions.

Interviewer – “Any other message, you would like to give to the people, CEOs and management?”

Mr. Davis – “I am not the God or the biggest idol. If you want to prove your worth or to be an idol, work on your weak points first; automatically it will affect your business culture. If you have to show your power, empower yourself. It is not only setting policies, goals and values. If you want, others should be adopting thr same values. Apply the same on yourself. Always think about the other side, how h/she might feel? Why is h/she reacting in a certain manner? Build your trust amongst others, by not only being fulfilling organizational goals. Be people centric, work on their weakness more, rather than bullying them. A leader is one who not only shapes up the personality but takes on the character. Listening with patience is one of the best gifts you can give it to your employees. Always remember ‘life is a journey’. We all have our roles to play, one at home and one at the office, both these are destinations where you have to stay for few hours. Why not to make the office a beautiful destination? It should be a place where there is no fear and mistrust. A place where love, humility and trust dwells. Always remember, in home if one member is not talking to you, it matters. In a similar way each and every employee matters and it makes difference.”

Interviewer – “Thanks a lot, Mr. Davis; it was worth having a chat with you. I learnt a lot and I will make sure, I will follow these principles too, both in my personal and professional lives.”

Mr. Davis – “My dear, we all are humans; humanity should be our first and basic trait.”

This (Dis)-ability!

Heart to heart and soul to soul, to hear my secrets, hold my hand as I too have to play a role!
They said God has been unkind, because he made me blind,
I feel he is really kind, by blessing me with a  sensible mind,
They said you have eyes, but they are of no use,
I said you have eyes still you misuse,
what you wish to see, will only see that so it keeps you tied,
I am free to see, that too without any guide!

They asked, what could you see that they couldn't see?
I said you see the beauty, but didn't admire
You see that, what you wish to see and always inquire,
You saw the tree and ate the fruit to fulfill your hunger,
I felt the cool vibes of the shade, relished the fruit and slumbered!

You plucked the flowers to please the divine,
I embraced that flower and breathe the aroma to be with that divine!

To see that beauty you kept the bird in the cage and clutched away it wings,
To feel that beauty, I just fine tune how it sings!

With open eyes you wanted to reach out your destination and you walked very fast, then you stumbled upon the rock,
To reach out my destination, I walked slow and the same stone became milestone and cleared the block!

To feel someone's pain you had to be near and looked into the eyes,
For me the voice is only the medium to know the sigh!

To appreciate you need many reasons,
for me only option is to appreciate-appreciate always and in every season!

Being in light you always ask how is that divine light,
Being in dark I always see that one radiant divine light!

Then everyone says there is absence of love, kindness and lack of humanity,
To feel that love you need to give it,
To see that kindness you need to practice on at least one , 
To spread that humanity, keep the track of the humanity and at least be that one!
Then they said I have the disability. Well, this is my ability!


At the farthest point where the sky and the sea were seen together at the horizon,
Sea said to sky your beauty is boundless, mesmerizing, truly an abode to zion,
Though it’s ever changing, every facet is flawless and leaves a deep impression,
At sunrise it seems a jewel is studded in to your crown,
Then you drape the golden robe and with warmth you looked down,
At dusk beauty got further refined when you spread your crimson robe, embraced me and got drowned!

Sea said
You are truly a source of bliss and an archway to eternity,
Everyday you come so close to me, then you leave me in moan and insanity,
Am I perfect and worthy enough, how do I express my sanctity!

Sky said
Every time when I see, you make me feel exceptional,
From day to night,  your depth and vastness is unconditional,
Like an artist you keep on playing different characters,
Sometimes you play calm and wise persona, where silence only speaks,
Deep down when your heart pulsates, the ripples can be seen from miles and miles and that is really unique,
On a full moon starlit night, I see my reflection in you as a mystique!

If I am an abode of heaven and eternity, 
Deep down you are truly a source of bliss and purity,
We can never depart as we are united as a soul, we dwell in each other as whole!


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