Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

Blessings & Guidance from Swami Ritavan

by Rajini Prakash

Swami Ritavan Bharati’s address to the gathering of family members at the AHYMSIN Board Meeting also carries a message to those who serve the Tradition in various capacities as leaders, teachers and guides in the Sangha.

Swami Ritavan said, ‘We are gathered here not as managers, but as kalyana-mitras, seekers on the path, each of you sharing your duty dedicated to serving the Lineage with a pure presence, silence in one way, inspiration in another, through a Tradition that is a presence, a silence, a companion in many ways, a pure Tradition. As we proceed together we carry not a burden but a grace to support humanity that needs this grace. Thank you for your work, for your vision. It is another step towards the horizon for what the Guru has in mind for the next phase for the organisation or humanity.

‘Appreciation to our teachers who take forward the message of the Lineage according to their capacity, mastery and intent that draws the entire community together especially at the Full Moon meditations.
‘There is a continuous presence of the practice and discipline at SRSG that is truly influential to our guests who comment on the natural beauty and also the presence of silence that is a true test of an ashram.’

As an emissary of the Tradition, Swami Ritavan continues in the footsteps of his beloved Guru to carry forth the message of the Lineage.

Speaking of this, Swami Ritavan said, ‘The travelling teachers will continue their work. Swami Radha and myself will proceed to Asia – Taiwan and Japan, and then to USA. Thereafter a silence retreat at La Verna, Italy, will take place. This is followed by a visit to Greece to release the book, Kundalini: Stilled or Stirred, that has been translated into Greek.

‘In the following months we have the Maha-samadhi observations of Swami Veda as well as the Guru Purnima. In August, I go to Minneapolis to manage some activities and then for a programme in Denmark regarding research on “mind and meditation”. I return to India for October and November and travel to Thailand and Sabah, Malaysia, in December.

‘A number of travelling teachers will continue their efforts to keep with sharing the practices of the Tradition.

‘Appreciation and prayers that each of you maintain the inner silence and peace within your hearts.’



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