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    What the HYM Center in Pune Is Doing

    by Dr. Shirin Venkat

    Jai Gurudev!

    The complete, stepwise system taught by our beloved Guru Swami Rama is so eternally inspiring that the goal seems ever so near. Humble obeisance at His lotus feet.

    In Pune, India, the person for local contact is Dr. Shirin Venkat and with her being a gynaecologist most activities revolve round the ‘Mother to be’. A new hospital called Cloudnine, dedicated to the mother and child has sprung up recently in our locality. We have started a class for the pregnant girls on Wednesday and Saturday. It is a wonderful experience. Swami Veda has inspired Shirin to write the book Holistic Motherhood, and this is our text as we practise safe Joints and Glands Exercises and safe pranayama in pregnancy and meditation guided by Swami Veda Bharati. It is a three session course, and the girls are encouraged to bring their interested family members to make it a regular family practice.

    We can comfortably teach only ten girls at a time due to limitation of accommodation. We are planning a big event on the world yoga day. We have made available a YouTube video on Joints and Glands Exercises especially for pregnant girls, and the feedback received is extremely gratifying. It helps practice when not in the class. Soon we will be making one on the safe pranayama exercises.

    Hope you enjoy the photos, and may the Guru guide us in our endeavour to bring radiant babies to the world. The future of our planet would then be one of peace and goodwill as the being is influenced in the womb- the origin to this world.



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