• Ahymsin Newsletter: Yoga is Samadhi

    Nourished by the Tradition

    by Ines Tsai

    TTP Level 2 Class PhotoTwo years ago I was a girl who believed in myself only, with big ego, high standard valuing self and others, and seeking being someone special and successful in every aspect; therefore life to me was never easy as I had to try hard with all my power proactively and to finish things efficiently and effectively on everything in order to get or achieve.

    By the time I was almost drown with harsh life I put on myself, I was so lucky to attend TTP Level 1 which actually a self-transformation program in our tradition, was exactly what I needed so badly.

    All sharing from teachers touched my heart and hit my head; all hard stones in me melted.

    I realized that I let my ego grown so big; my hands were always trying to grasp but actually I can simply open my heart and arms, then receive so much more. After being nourished by so much love and care from our tradition, I also realized my priority in life, people around me felt such a big change on me with more loving attitude, softening face and relaxing mind...etc.

    Of course, it was not easy to let go of all I hold tightly as that was me for decades, but as teachers said our emotional purification and spiritual path is whole life program, so with non-stop being together with TTP Level 1 study group guiding by teacher Jenny and Tinyu, attending workshops no matter in Taiwan or Thailand, I know I am letting go more and growing more as long as I stay connected with our tradition.

    I attended TTP Level 2 program this March in our Rishikesh home. I do see clearer my progress now and then; also I see growth from my dearest friends with whom we are company. Supporting each together in this path, we all become softer, be more present here and now.

    Life in Ashram brings good rest in my mind and body. Every morning I enjoy so much doing joints and glands which I didn’t appreciate in the past, and am eager to go to meditation in the temple, which I didn’t feel in the past, appreciating beautiful flowers everywhere in Ashram, fresh air, bird singing, milk man riding bike delivering fresh milk for our breakfast, cows mooing, monkey playing on the tree, priest chanting in puja…

    As Ashutosh said, Are you a flower picking mind or thorn picking mind? Now I commit myself to having a flower picking mind; I now see more beauty in nature, in people and in all challenges. How about you?

    There are more works to do on self in the next years, but I will stay in path and look forward to TTP Level 3.

    Editor’s Note:

    TTP stands for Teacher Training Program.  For more about HYT-TTP (Himalayan Yoga Tradition – Teacher Training Program), please visit the website: himalayanyogatradition.com



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