AHYMSIN newsletter, Issue - November 2011  

Coming Home!

by Swami Ritavan Bharati

Mount Kailash and the Sacred Lands of Tibet

Coming Home!

Few places on Earth carry a special presence that fulfills the Soul and brings satisfaction and contentment to the mind; and where the blessings of all the Great Masters, Saints and Buddhas pour forth.

In one-such place, Mount Kailash, the Abode of Shiva, such an experience unfolds:

In flowing waters, in clouds-of-air, all appearing in the rarified space of sacredness.

In an experience of stillness and silence; beyond words, where in the subtle recesses of mind a yearning seeks to express the illumined experience of wholeness and holiness.

Here, visions are abundant, and fantasy becomes a godly-reality.

To walk is to fly; to sleep is to meditate; to eat is to receive nature's nurturance in all Her elements. Hours, becoming days reflecting the eons of timeless pilgrims, a flow of movement, in their gait, their prostrations, an unending flow of Spiritual Intention. Prayers from the past, for the future where lifetimes unfold in a single moment of Natural Oneness. The sight of snow-laden mountains, glacial lakes, river-fed valleys all rest in Nature's Infinite moment. A moment in which Oneness-Samadhi and Nothingness-Nirvana merge.

Burning pains transformed into ecstasy. Forlorn moments of fatigue that untie the heart-strings of desire wrap like prayer-flags the unrelenting path where footprints of saints remain to inspire yet another step. To pilgrimage is to suffer and to know that too will end. To pilgrimage is to reach the Other Shore and realize that those before you have also reached.

Beyond the "how," "where," "when," and "why," the journey needs no confirmation. The intuitive mind rests in peace. Yes, few places on earth carry such a special presence that fulfills the Soul...Such a Homeland of Consciousness remains in Mt. Kailash and the sacred lands of Tibet.