AHYMSIN newsletter, Issue - November 2011  

New Center in Hungary

Budapest Center of The Himalayan Yoga Tradition

by Anna Mezosi

The new center of the Himalayan Tradition opened in September in the heart of Budapest. For quite a while now we have been planning to create a center, where the teachings of the Himalayan Tradition are available all week long throughout the whole day, from early in the morning up until late in the evening in three different rooms at once. Fifteen teachers of the tradition hold over 30 yoga classes weekly in our center, from the beginning levels to the advanced ones.

The classes include the practice of relaxation, pranayama, meditation in addition to the asana practice. We hold lectures based upon the teachings of Swami Rama and Swami Veda Bharati on the different topics of Yoga Philosophy and Psychology, especially focusing on Yoga Sutras.

Everyone is welcome to join us in the Full Moon Meditation, for that we provide the location every month.

We had an Opening Ceremony at the end of October during the Teacher Training Program with the guidance of Swami Ritavan and Ashutosh Sharma.

Beside the Budapest Center of The Himalayan Yoga Tradition, we operate a Healing Center named East-West Healing Center, where different alternative and western healing methods are available to anyone who comes for help.

The treatments involve different types of massages, life coaching, phytotherapy, homeopathy, kineziology, ayurveda, yoga therapy and psychological consultations.

Our services are available in English as well as in German languages, and our website will also be available in English by November: .




Editor’s Note:

Anna Mezosi is the center leader for the Budapest Center of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition.