AHYMSIN newsletter, Issue - November 2011  

Tinyu’s Mt. Kailash Trip

by Tinyu Chen

It took 4 years to finish the pilgrimage since the first time my nun friend proposed the trip to me in 2007. It is a blessing that she planted the seed of Mt. Kailash, and now I can share some experience.

Tibet where the Himalayas lay is recognized as the center of the universal by people worldwide. In an old Chinese saying: Big mountains, wild river and holy lake purify human beings souls simply and quickly.

The journey from Lhasa to Mt. Kailash is a “Wow” trip. All the time we were impressed by such amazing landscape although we needed to spend 10 hours a day in a car. Vastness naturally makes you small and humble; however, the spirit of it also strengthens you from within.

The pilgrimage of Mt. Kailash was a process of self-observation and surrender. First day walking is joyful, because Mt. Kailash always surrounded us. It really felt like home. Also we had a good full-moon meditation on September 11 with Swami Ritavan and Yoong, at the end of the first day of the parikrama, that gave me a lot of energy and made me feel strong for the 2nd day which was the most challenging day.

I can divide the parikrama on the second day into 2 parts.

The 1st part was the uphill from Drirapuk at 4930m to Dolma La. At 5600m the pass was the highest point of the route. I could see the high pass ahead and focused on the view of the top.

With company by Mt. Kailash and walking slowly, step by step I went over the top at about 12pm. After a steep descent, the terrain flattened out. It was a great relief. I was happy and thought, I reached the highest part already, and nothing will stop me from now.

However, the endless struggling has just started.

It was about an hour later when I kept asking the porter when we will arrive at the destination, the accommodation in front of Milarepa gompa (monastery). My porter, a 20 years old young boy, smiled and said: “We will arrive soon.” He told the white lie all the way. I ran out of my body capacity after having reached the hill; an unexpected flat but long way made me lose strength and confidence.

I struggled with every step and wondered how long this pain would continue until approaching the body limit.

Going through a certain moment I almost fainted and felt darkness in front of my eyes. Finally, I decided to give up, not giving up walking, but giving up my struggling and all the monkey-mind expectation. Accepting the body condition, refocusing on my breath and totally surrendering. Such a release after surrender to the holy mountains and great nature. The forgotten energy flowed within and cleaned all the mind mess. I was occupied and touched by the spirit of the divine. Some moments it felt like I was an empty frame hung up to hold a beautiful landscape painting. All the body, mind and soul try to present a tiny drop of grace blessing.

I interviewed Swami Veda in July when we were in Holland: why he always carries a photo of Mt. Kailash. He said for him Mt. Kailash is home. I am grateful I have been there, at home.

Editor’s Note:

Tinyu Chen is president of the Taiwan Himalayan Yoga Meditation Association