AHYMSIN newsletter, Issue - November 2011  

Something Swamiji Said

by Four Sadhakas

Swamji in a talk at Techny, Illinois. August of 2010

Words of change! Swamiji stated that sometimes we return to begin again - aargh!!! That stung, awoke me to what was pertinent in my life at this time in my life. I think of these few words and how powerful they are for me daily. I struggle & embrace those words & how to incorporate them in my life for positive changes to grow, love & live by! In gratitude & service, Om

— Charlotte Raasch

I had the good fortune of a personal conversation with Swamiji a couple of years ago in southern California when I sought his advice about undertaking a pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash in mid-2009.

I had suffered a stroke in December 2008 and although there were no physical impairments, Amy was considerably concerned about the combined risks of high altitude and great distance from medical treatment in Tibet. Swamiji listened attentively, described a personal experience about a pilgrimage trek in India many years ago and recommended that I consider an internal pilgrimage rather than an external one.

I decided to go to SRSG in December 2009 and undertake a 40-day silence practice. It proved to be a momentous experience and a memorable substitute for a walk in the mountains. The way in which he planted the idea without making it formal advice, touched me deeply and reinforced my respect and loving appreciation for his presence in my life.
— John Gage

“If you understand the connections, you have everything you need to know.” — SVB 2003

— Savitr Ishaya

* Story removed at author's request

Celebrate Swamiji’s many years of traveling and teaching

As we know, Swami Veda Bharati is planning to take to a vow of silence for 5 -7 years on 10th March 2013.  This column "Something Swamiji Said" is to celebrate his many years of traveling and teaching and also to honor what he has given us through this. Is there Something Swamiji Said that has impacted your life?

There is no set length.  It can be short or it can be long.   It can be an article.  It can have pictures and photos.  It can be prose and/or poetry.  Whatever comes from your heart and experience.

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