This 24th March, 2023 marked 90th birth anniversary of our beloved Swami Veda Bharati. To share the love he bestowed on us and how it had inspired our lives, we held an intimate virtual gathering of initiates residing in south India.

Among us was a diverse group who had received initiation in the tradition from as early as 1990 to as recent as 2022. We are blessed to have Shri Raghavendra Adiga ji among us, an initiator in the tradition. We began with an adoring Guru Vandana chanting in dedication to Swami Veda and the Guru parampara by Shri Adiga ji.

Later Adiga Ji recounted his first meeting with Swami Veda in 1996 during the Mahasamadhi of Gurudev Swami Rama, and the subsequent training he received from Swami Veda.

Swami Veda visited Bangalore in the year 2004 and 2011, in the presence of (late) Shri Madhav Kamat ji. Ashok Shanbhag ji shared with us how large crowds turned up to listen to Swami Veda which surpassed the expectation of the organizers.


Among the youngest initiates in our group, Ishan Bhat expressed his gratefulness to have found SRSG, where Swami Veda had kept the teachings of Swami Rama and the Himalayan Tradition available to this day, in a profound way. What touched him most, was that many teachers these days speak about what yoga can grant you, whereas it was Swami Veda who taught what yoga takes away from you.

Swami ji has said, “If you want to love me, meditate. That is our true relationship. Silent love is the best love in the universe.”

Swami Veda often laid importance of a sangha, a group of kalyana mitras. As we step into the ´Decade of Loving Transformation’, a call for transformation by Swami Ritavan Bharati, it is time for us to reflect and plan our spiritual life. In 2033, when it will be time for Swami Veda’s birth centenary celebrations, we may offer him a gift of our purer, transformed self.

We concluded this satsang, in gratitude and reverence to our beloved Swami ji, and were guided into meditation by Shri Adiga ji, our hearts felt full of the love from the lineage.

With an intention of our own spiritual growth and serving Swami Veda’s mission, this small group of sadhakas in south India will meet for regular satsangs and group meditation. If you are an initiate residing in south India and would like to be part of our sangha, please email Namita at