To Everyone with Love


Giant jasmine full moon

spreads scented lights through skies

so the heart lilies open, bloom

breeze their fragrances to waft

lift earth-dwellers’ minds aloft


Jasmine’s lilies; fragrances mingled

spread, perfume all attuned minds;

such perfume named all-cosmos Guru

pours into every world’s very pores

perennial endless wisdom true


May your thus Guru-perfumed mind

scatter its fragrance far and wide

wash the smelly ill thoughts aside

so the world enraptured, be-stilled

wrapped in a motherly perfume’s cloak

— You, to delicate lianas a sturdy oak —

may rest in your high elevating

jasmine-moon-sweet Guru-mind


May Gurus of all lineages above

looking at you freely rain down

loving glances of soothing compassion

listening to your sonorous teaching voice

among themselves in their kailasha rejoice.



7 July 2009