Tribute on the Special Occasion of the International Yoga Day – 2022

I pay homage to the Masters and the Saints, all gurus of the Yoga Tradition. Really, we can only pay homage to the Masters by walking on their footsteps; and not only honoring them but learning to do with our mind what they did with their mind. I have a wish for you – that you become someone that anyone who comes in your presence, any time, feels that he has entered a realm of peace. To have that ambition is yoga.

Yoga unites everybody in silence and meditation. Yoga is a tradition of discovering the inner serene silence. Yoga is not a system of physical movement. It is a system of silence and stillness from which the movement expresses itself. It is the subtle yoga, not the yoga of the body but the yoga of the inner self.

Now enter into the chamber of inner silence and discover your spine as you sit straight sensing the subtle flow of breath awareness as an energy in your spine. Your senses will naturally want to close; with your closed eyes look inward into a chamber of silence. Then, as you enter that chamber, you rest fully in being, that what you really are. You are not your eyes, ears, hands, and feet. You are not your breath, your emotions, your disturbances. You are a serene form of conscious energy that is total and pure knowledge and absolute joy. Samadhi is returning to that Self-nature. Once you have RE-discovered that Self-nature, you will never lose it again.

Resolve and carry the intention in your mind to calm the mind in this way many, many times during the day. This is only the first step, but even with this step, you will join the great disciples who for thousands of years have sat at the feet of the masters and the immortals. This Himalayan yoga is not the yoga for powers; it is the yoga for purity and serenity.

Please make a resolve that you will calm your mind by following the harmony of mind. With one single thought and with breath awareness, for however many minutes, it will keep you in this enjoying your own inner peace. I pray that someday you will sit in silent meditation, the yoga that transcends all boundaries and identities.

Om Tat Sat;
Shanti, Shanti Shanti

(In remembrance of our beloved Swami Veda Bharati, these words echo his intentions and guidance for all of us.)