abhayaṃ naḥ karaty antarikṣam abhayaṃ
dyāvā-pṛthivī ubhe ime
abhayaṃ paścād abhayaṃ purastāduttarād
udharād abhayaṃ no astu
abhayaṃ mitrād abhayaṃ amitrād
abhayaṃ jñātād abhayaṃ parokṣāt
abhayaṃ naktam abhayaṃ divā naḥ
sarvā āśā mama mitraṃ bhavantu
dṛte dṛṃha mā mitrasya mā cakṣuṣā
sarvāṇi bhūtāni samīkṣantāṁ
mitrasyāhaṃ cakṣuṣā sarvāṇi bhūtāni samīkṣe
mitrasya cakṣuṣā samīkṣāmahe
oṃ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ

Abhayaṃ means no fear because there is no danger. If all are friends to me and I am friends to all, from whom have I any danger? Whom may I have cause to fear?

May the sky grant us abhayaṃ.

May the heaven and earth both grant us abhayaṃ.

May I have abhayaṃ from behind.

Abhayaṃ from the front.

From above and below, may there be abhayaṃ for us.

Abhayaṃ from the friend,

Abhayaṃ from the foe.

Abhayaṃ from what is known to me.

Abhayaṃ from what is beyond the eyes.

Abhayaṃ in the night.  Abhayaṃ in the day.

May all directions, all quarters, be friends unto me.

O Divine Mother, upholder of the universe, grant me strength that I may see all beings with the eyes of a friend.
May all beings look at me with the eyes of a friend.

May they all, all of us living beings, look at each other with the eyes of a friend.

For when all is friend, there is abhayaṃ.

Om.  Peace. Peace. Peace.

Editor’s Note

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