Sixteen people from various parts of Japan had the opportunity to stay here at SRSG for two weeks, from June 11 to 25, 2023. When it was decided to hold a course in Rishikesh to learn the practice of Pranayama from Dr O. P. Tiwari ji who is the director of Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, the organizer of Kdhama strongly recommended us to stay at this Ashram. Being able to deepen our learning while staying here made this 2-week course an invaluable and precious experience for us, and it continues to fill our minds and bodies even now that we have returned to Japan.


What remained constant from the moment we entered the ashram until the moment we left was the warm hospitality of the teachers and staff towards all guests. No matter what happened, everyone there was willing to take responsibility for their own actions, and their immediate attitude of moving on was a great comfort to us. The wonderful fact that all the teachers and staff are learning and upholding the teachings of Himalayan Tradition, which filled the premises with a pure vibration that enveloped us, was a great comfort.

And what was so moving and relieving was the respectful acceptance of all people in this ashram, the mutual respect, and the lack of a superior/inferior view. Likewise, the respectful and accepting attitude of Swamiji and all the teachers towards Dr. O. P. Tiwari ji and Shri Neeraj Singh ji, who stayed with us from Kdhama as our course organizer and teacher, was very beautiful. It was a real pleasure for us, their students.

The days at the ashram flowed in a routine that began and ended with prayer and were filled with peace and love. The food was very tender, full of love, and I felt content in mind and body. The peace and quiet of the place and the simple but clean rooms with plenty of space provided the best environment to deepen our practice.

What we heard over and over again at this ashram was that “every action is practiced as a preparation for meditation.” By spending time with the presence of teachers who embodied this, what it meant became imprinted in us as a bodily sensation.


Swami Ritavan ji’s talk and the other teachers’ talks penetrated deep into our hearts with a sense of warmth. All the teachers generously and lovingly shared with us their vast knowledge based on their deep practical experience. I feel as if I have learned important things in life and how to be a human being from the teachers who speak from their hearts with a mindful and Humble attitude.

I cannot find words to adequately express my gratitude for this. That is why I feel that we should continue to practice what we have learned here, and to become closer to the yogic presence of the teachers, so that to practice what we have learned here, and to become closer to the yogic presence of the teachers, so that we can give form to our feelings of gratitude.



Swamiji said, “Whenever we breathe for meditation and close our eyes, we can connect with each other.” These words enveloped us as a warm feeling as we left the ashram. These words enveloped us as a warm feeling as we left the ashram.

The ashram was a place where we can continue to sincerely life–long our spiritual journey of yoga and surely long our spiritual journey of yoga and surely return here again if need be.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Motoko Saito (Yoga & Wellness Chandra, Japan)