Clouds renounce raindrops
earth renounces vapour
Sun renounces life-giving light
lily renounces fragrance
Trees renounce sap, fruits renounce juices
Herbs renounce curative essences
Mother renounces milk

You are to me rain-giving cloud, vapour-giving earth
Life-radiating sun, fragrance-exuding lily
Sap-surrendering Tree, juice-pouring fruit
Health-rendering herb, milk-streaming Mother

I pray, may my prayer be granted
May I renounce to earth’s lilies, trees, herbs
And to all God’s creatures, in love
Hundredfold what in your gifts
you often renounce to me

Editor’s Note:

This is an excerpt from the book – Words Curved, p. 44, by Swami Veda Bharati, published in 2009 by the SRSG Publications.