O how we have suffered
the pangs of hunger and thirst,
the sun beating down,
the darkness so thick
that you could stick a needle in it and not penetrate it.

Such darkness seems to envelop this Divine Being,
which is not meant to be enveloped by darkness –
and yet how we have suffered!

We who are Beings of Bliss,
we who are a Spark from Fire of the Eternal Joy of God.

We suffer many pains. When we are as a fetus,
we lie in darkness as though the Consciousness is asleep,
not knowing what fate is to befall us,
not knowing what shape is to be given to us.

The passage through the birth canal is painful.
Coming to the glaring lights of the world is painful,
and we cry miserably.

The process of growing is painful,
for each time we seem to have to leave a little self behind
to begin to gain a new grown up self.

How often we scrape out knees!
How often our weak ankles betray us!
How often we are baffled by the mysteries
of logic and rationality around us!
How often we suffer the pains
of uncomplete and unfulfilling relationships!

We seek to escape.
We seek to run.
We seek a refuge.
We seek a haven.

Where is there somewhere
a relationship that will be lasting,
that will be permanent,
that will be peaceful,
that will be complete,
upon attaining which, I shall seek no more?

Is there gold that I will find,
after which I shall seek no more treasures?

Is there a light,
a single flame, upon finding which,
I shall no longer be in darkness of my own nature?

Is there is source of holiness
that will make me holy,
that will make me pure,
that will free my limbs from the process of aging?

Is there consciousness
in which I am not male, I am not female,
I am of no nationality, I am of no planet, I am of no name –
but all names are mine?

From one end of human history to the other,
even from the future prophets,
even from the future sages,
there reverberates, as of the past ones and the present ones,
a cry, a shout that is loud enough for galaxies to hear,
but our hearts and souls are shut

Open the doors of your heart and listen.

They say,
“That treasure, that gold, that light, that joy that you seek,
that refuge that you would rather find
is nowhere else but within you.”

It is here!
It is now!

Only your will, your volition, has to make a resolve
to cast away this mantle of darkness
that you have artificially placed on yourself.

And as you close your eyes in meditation,
gradually a Dance of Seven Veils begins.

But all you need is aspiration.

Aspire and you will be inspired.

And where there is darkness,
where the path seems lost,
where the way seems confused,
there will shine the Light of Enlightenment.

And enjoy your Self.
Enjoy this Peace.
Enjoy this Light,
God Bless You.

Editor’s Note

Swami Ritavan Bharati shared this poem by Swami Veda Bharati on Diwali – 2020, along with his own Diwali Message – 2020.