Swami Veda Bharati
…just this tremendous amount of love everywhere from people I did not know. And I’ve found that God has made a very, very loving world, and my prayer for you is that you find your world to be the same, and my prayer for myself is that whether someone throws roses at me or throws mud at me, I should remain the same and there should be no change in the level of my love. That’s my prayer for myself, and for you, may you find the world to be as full of love as beautiful as that I have found in traveling around to strange places, new places. Everywhere may you find the same.

I don’t know, thanks is not enough. Songs from Greece and poems from Italy and from Holland and from Surinam and something I had composed sixty years ago has been sung for me today. One thing has been in my life. Whichever country, whichever society, whichever group of people I am with, it feels to me that they are my people. Whichever country I am in, I feel this is my country and this is my language. Their literature is my literature, and their customs are my customs, and their philosophers are philosophers of my lineage. So, I’ve enjoyed sitting at the spot where Plato’s academy is in Athens, the ruins of that. When I was sitting there, I felt I was making an ancient connection just as I feel in the temples of the Himalayas.

I wish you all, there is nothing else I can give you in response to what you have given me, I wish you all, wish for you all, always a very beautiful and loving world. God bless you.