Bring your attention only to the place where you are sitting.

Be aware of only the space that your body is occupying from head to toe.

Be aware of only this moment in time.

Very quickly, relax your forehead.

Relax the eyebrows and eyes.

Relax your nostrils.

Relax your cheeks, jaw, and corners of your mouth.

Relax your chin, neck and shoulders.

Relax all the way down to the fingertips.

Relax from your fingertips to your shoulders.

Relax your chest, stomach, navel and abdomen.

Relax your thighs, calves, feet and toes.

Again relax all the organs from the toes upwards and bring your awareness to your breathing.

Observe the gentle rise and fall of your stomach and navel area: how that area gently relaxes as you exhale, how it slightly expands as you inhale.

Observing that, feel the flow and the touch of your breath in your nostrils.

Exhaling, count in your mind ooonnne, inhaling twooo, exhaling threeee, inhaling foouurr, exhaling fiiive; inhaling fiiive, exhaling foouurr, inhaling threeee, exhaling twooo, inhaling ooonnne; continue to count your breaths one through five and five through one. Feel the flow and the touch of your breath in your nostrils, breathing slowly, gently smoothly.

No break in your breathing; no break in your counting, one to five and five to one. Maintain the count.

Feel the flow and the touch of the breath in the nostrils, and continue the practice as long as you wish, and do as frequently as you like.

Without breaking the count, gently open your eyes.