To the mother

I sing my songs by myself.

I find need for no one to sing them for me. My songs are filled with delights; they are never empty or vacant.

They are hymns of the Mother Divine.

She is the beloved Mother of all.

How magnificent, wonderful, and grand Thou art! To see Thy luminous face is the only desire I hold.

What a fate and destiny I have: Thou caresseth me, and I am unable to see Thee.

Surely, most certainly, one day I will see Thy face, in this lifetime, certainly.

How is it I am unable to see the face of my Mother?

I have been crying for ages, and Thou hast been wiping my tears.

The tears that moisten my eyelids make my vision blurred; everything looks hazy here and everywhere.

Give me vision, give me strength, and help me sing my infant song.

Editor’s Note:

This article has been taken from the book Love Whisperspp 67, by Swami Rama, published 2000 by the Himalayan Institute India.