Meditation: “The Breather Observing the Breath”

Free your mind. Free your mind of all the parigrahas, everything that mind has grabbed onto, hold nothing. Let your mind calm. Come back home, to the divine temple that is your body, that is your being, that is your prana, that is your mind, that is your self. You the Atman.

Be aware of your self. No names, no conditions, no limitations, nothing that the mind has identified with. Be your own pure silent Self.
Only be aware of your being.

No ripple in your being, only the silent self. Know yourself to be free of all becomings, all motivations, all vrittis, all operations of the mind. Only dwell in Atma Tattva Avalokanam, awareness of Atman the Self.

As the mind wanders, come back to your pure silent being, wherever in you, you experience it.

Maintain this pure being and know that this being receives the grace of Divinity, Shakti energy, that passing through many interior subtle layers comes to manifest itself in the form of your breath. Observe the Being, the Breather, observe the Breather breathing.

Observe the volition, the will that breathes.

So long as you’ll have the Breather being observed, the pure being who breathes, your breath will flow smooth, gentle, slow, without a jerk, without a break between the breaths. Observe the Breather and the Breather’s volition breathing.

While maintaining this flowing observation, observe the maintainer who maintains the mantra, all the maintainer and the breather are one breathing the mantra in each exhalation and inhalation.

Who breathes? Who maintains? Dwell in that one.

Let there be no other ripple in this observation of the one who breathes, of the one who maintains the mantra.

For a moment no awareness, for a moment no awareness even of the breath and the mantra, only the One, you the Self in silence of the heart and the mind.

From this silence the barest stream of consciousness going into the breathing and the mantra.

Dwell in this awareness of pure being, remaining in the stream of the breath and the mantra gently open your eyes but no change in your consciousness. Dwell in the same Atma Tattva Avalokanam even with your eyes open.

Lecture: “Sangha and the Guru’s Mission”

May Gurudeva bless us all;
May the all Lineage bless us all with their presence and their guidance;
Inspiring our way of walking, inspiring our way of conversing, inspiring our way of discussing, inspiring our paths of action, inspiring how we eat and how we sleep.

While you are here, do all activities of mind, speech and body in this awareness of pure being, Atma Tattva Avalokanam; keeping the inward doors open to receive the inspiration.

Do not speak from your thoughts; speak from the inspiration received from the Atman, from the Divine self, from the Gurus.

Hari Om Tat Sat

While you are here please think in your mind, “The Guru’s mission is alleviating pain and suffering in the world. All pain and suffering arises from our mind: from the conflicts in our mind, from the selfishness in our mind, from the greed and anger and desires in our mind. Meditation serves as a way to heal the wounded mind.  You are all training to be doctors. Some to provide first aid to the wounds of the mind, some to give the medicine of meditation to the mind, some even to do surgeries on the mind. That privilege is very sacred and limited to a very few on this earth. My master was a master of that surgery and I’ve gone through that surgery. The surgery is not completed on me. I’m just slowly, slowly learning. So in your mind decide what area of the pain of the world you want to alleviate, by what means, and offer your services there. People who have been serving for a long time, people who have been serving outside the circles come up and come forward and say, “I’ll do this.” Not, “Swamiji, what shall I do?” Not, “Committee, what shall I do?”

Whether you are in a committee or you are not in a committee, you are committed.  Let your commitment come through. Whether you hold or do not hold a position in a committee, you are committed.  Come up from your self, seeking no credit, seeking no position, and above all this process of Atma Tattva Avalokanam.Don’t let it be only something you attempt while the Swami is guiding.

Let it be your state of consciousness while you are eating, remaining in that Atma Tattva Avalokanam so that you are eating, not the act, as is stated in the scriptures. Eating becomes a Homa (Fire Offering): Pranaya Svaha, Apanaya Svaha, Samanaya Svaha, Udhanaya Svaha, Viyanaya Svaha. You can set a time, this fire into which you make the offerings, the fire of the navel center, that is called eating. What is called eating? People don’t know the art of eating, people don’t know the art of sleeping.

In the Veda there is a passage:

ahamannam ahamannam ahamannam
ahamannado ahamannado ahamannadah.

I am the food, I am the food, I am the food.
I am the eater of food, I am the eater of food, I am the eater of food.
The food is food. This body, sa esha purasho’nnarasamayah, is made of food. Food is eating food.  Atma is not eating food.

Be aware of That when you are eating, be aware of That when you are walking. Who is the walker? Who is the sleeper? Go into your sleep with that state of consciousness and wake with that state of consciousness.

So when you go back, you feel you are truly in a spiritual Ashram and you did something with your consciousness that you don’t ordinarily do.

Now you have to take responsibility. And I’m not naming everybody but I have my mind on people and I’m waiting to see whether they come up and don’t sit there, “shy.”

Shy?! To serve?! Shy to alleviate pain of others?! Someone lies wounded, are you shy to reach him?! The world is wounded and you are shy?!

I leave you with that thought, God bless you.