Draw yourself to yourself. Empty your mind of all things from sources outside you and look into your mind for a force that may be entirely yours. A body in meditation is totally relaxed. All muscles are limp, there is no twitching, no movement. The mind has no memories and, therefore, no anxieties. When the mind has no anxieties the breath flows evenly and smoothly. All the hollows of the mind are filled and there are no sharp edges. The brain becomes clear. The thoughts do not arise at random.

That evenness of the mind brings an evenness of emotions, and a quality of equilibrium develops in your personality. That equilibrium may last for a moment or two while in meditation, and initially that is so. But as your meditations prosper they begin to permeate your personality and through all your thoughts, words and physical deeds your natural equilibrium begins to show.

Drain all waters from the Pacific Ocean and fill them with liquid light — these are the unfathomable depths of our mind.

I wish you a dive into the depths of an ocean called consciousness, filled with light.

Editor’s Note

This is an excerpt from The Light of Ten Thousand Suns by Swami Veda Bharati, page 68.