(Contemplations over this past month of Rishi-purnima, celebrating Swami Veda’s contributions to humanity here at the abode of Gurudev, Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama)

Learn to unconfuse your mind and illuminate the darkness of bondage.  Learn to unconfuse your mind with the identity that never changes. The nature of realization, the nature of purity is everything of its surroundings reflect in it without making it impure. Yet, we allow anything and everything to reflect in our purity with ever-changing thoughts and emotions as habit patterns, as our identity. The ever-changing, the impure, our false bondage becomes our identity crisis.

Recognize yourself as the spark of universal life-force, of the immaculate purity of universal spirit intent on enlightenment. Such an intention is samadhi as revealed by our Rishis. Meditation is the experience of our own true nature, that you are a spiritual being – Tat Twam Asi – That Thou Art.

The nature of purity is that it reflects every “thing” so that the temporal, and the impure are only an assumption of purity and not part of its true nature. This paradox of purity is that you, the pure being, need a reminder that you are pure. These “things” reflecting in you are not your true nature. These create our habit patterns and the bondage of ignorance. All reflections, in the mirror of consciousness, have only one goal and one purpose, to re-cognize your true self. All desires and attachments are relationships that can lead to the recognition of the essence of light and love.

Yet, the essence is forgotten. What is this assumption of darkness, of weakness, of impurity when tied by the rope of delusion? Re-cognize your pure self, and recognize this self-luminosity of your spiritual nature. Be Still; BE. You, the consciousness-force, whose very nature is freedom – Ever Wise, Ever Pure, and Ever Free.

In this moment, enter your essence, rest in the being you are.
Exhale and release the false assumptions of identities that bind the Self.
Be Free and rest your awareness in the self-luminosity of your Self.

Shivoham, ShivoHam, SHIVOHAM

With love and blessings of the Lineage,