Special Message from Swami Ritavan Bharati, for the newly initiated Swami, and as a message of moksha for all who aspire

Sitting in the fire of knowledge, each offering, no more mine- svaha…

Those having purified themselves through the yoga of renunciation, having completed and surrendered the fruits of their duties seek refuge in the guru, the indweller, guardian, and bestower of deliverance. Through renunciation of attachments of the three worlds, one emerges from the Ganges to live life to relieve the suffering of humanity. Having washed the doubts and fears of the worldly cycle, the renunciate receives reassurance through the Lineage in reciting their vows as the guru unties the knots and unites the soul to the parampara with a new name and yogapatta.

Swami Ameyaananda Bharati receives her assignment to the Bharati Monastic order and the seat of the great Lineage from Hiranya-garbha through Adi Shankara to our Gurudeva, and through Swami Veda. With the mahavakya now planted as a seed in the disciple’s mind, the sannyasin wears the robes of the color of the rising sun. With the command be a light unto thyself, bring peace of morning as the light of dawn, and comfort in the illuminating message from a pure heart.

As a sannyasin, one has no abode, no possessions, no relatives. Nothing is theirs but to live for the service of Om, and for the benefit of others. The fullness of the moment is their contentment. Life without dependence, allowing others to come seeking refuge with them. All the living beings of the earth are their relatives. God is their protector, and Om is one, oneself, and no other. Peace and only peace is now the life of a sannyasin. Om Shanti-Shanti-Shanti. Om

Editor’s Note

The birth of Swami Ameyaananda Bharati scaledSwami Ameyaananda Bharati, previously known as Chanchala Diggavi in her Purvaashram life, received sanyasa-diksha (renunciation) in the Bharati lineage on the auspicious day of July 21, 2022, under the guidance of Swami Ritavan Bharati, our Ashram Pramukha and Spiritual Perceptor.

Chanchala Diggavi has been visiting Sadhana Mandir and Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama since 2000 and has been associated with the Himalayan Tradition for longer than that.

Having born in a traditional Brahmin family in South India, her maternal family had a great influence on her. Three members of her maternal family over three generations had received sanyasa, including her maternal grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great-grandfather. Her paternal family had built and maintained a temple in their hometown for over 200 years, which continues to exist even now.

During her grihasta (householder) life, she raised three children and her spiritual path steadied after her husband’s passing in 1990.

Between 2000-2008, she had received multiple initiations and personal guidance into various practices of Yoga, Vedanta, and Tantra from Swami Veda Bharati. She completed a 90-days intensive silence practice with yajna (fire offerings) at SRSG, under Swamiji’s guidance. Later, Swamiji asked her to start sharing the teachings and practices of Sri Vidya.

She has taught Sanskrit and several ancient scriptures in the past, and now spends most of her time in silence and personal sadhana at SRSG.